Not far from Yakutsk, the construction of an experimental house, sheltered by a dome, is nearing completion. From mid-November to the summer of 2020, a young family will live in it, on which the close attention of scientists will be riveted throughout this period.

The experiment is conducted by North-Eastern Federal University and a company specializing in high technology. The idea is to shelter houses and even entire cities located in the Far North under the dome for many years. It is believed that this will allow, if not to create an eternal summer on permafrost, then significantly cut costs for heat supply. It is now decided to test theoretical calculations in practice.

 - Erection works are coming to an end; we have decided on the family. It will move to a house under the dome immediately upon completion of work, - said the project manager, acting Dean of the NEFU Faculty of Road, Dmitry Filippov.

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The house under the dome with a built-in garage is equipped with elements of a "smart home" and various sensors. Scientists will regularly come here, and the new settlers themselves will have to keep a diary in which they will describe all their impressions and experiences.

According to Dmitry Filippov, there will be a lot of work for experts in the field of geology, climatology, industrial and civil engineering, heat engineering, energy, as well as for doctors and psychologists. They will study permafrost changes under the dome, the microclimate in this space protected from the winter cold and many other parameters. It remains to be seen how comfortable people will feel and how living in such a house will affect their health.

If the first experiment is deemed successful, testing of dome technologies will continue at other facilities, including industrial ones.