Looking at the photographs of our interlocutor, it is impossible not to admire the beauty of our nature and how accurately and skillfully the photographer captures the surrounding landscapes. It is even more surprising when you find out that the author is not a professional photographer with expensive photo equipment and a sophisticated lens, but an amateur, equipped with just a smartphone camera.

Meet Marina Tkachenko, a native of the city of Yakutsk, a fashion designer by profession and an enthusiastic tourist photographer. Having worked in the fashion world, Marina recently came to tourism. But, despite a short period of time, she made trips that would inspire respect among seasoned hiking tourists.

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For several years, Marina Nikolaevna managed to walk kilometers across the Tompo, Verkhoyansk, Oymyakon, Abyi and Allaikha! She gladly shares her reviews of many days of walking and water routes with her readers on her Instagram account.

- Marina Nikolaevna, you have discovered tourism relatively recently. Tell us how did you come around to it?

- In early childhood, my older sister took me to my first hiking. It was a mountain hiking of schoolchildren to the Khatyn-Yuryakh hill. I remember that day so clearly so far. The second hiking was made almost 30 years later. I haven't had time to turn round: study, family, work ... It turned out that all my life I have secretly dreamed about traveling. It just was not possible. And my interests were different. I haven’t even been across the river. And then the day came when I realized that I needed to move. The profession of fashion designer implies a sedentary lifestyle. And by the time the cardinal decision was made, I already had a feeling of rigidity. Even the distance of two bus stops began to seem too long. That's how the desire to move appeared and the realization came that if you want to live fully, you need to move. So I did. In addition, by that time I had an opportunity for this: the child has matured, I already had my grandson, my work has faded into the background. Tourism began with the decision to go on a winter photo tour to Lena Pillars, where I met with the SUOL tourist club. And then there was an acquaintance with Mikhail Mestnikov, the Inyakutia travel agency and the first trip to Verkhoyansk ulus.Верхоянье2 Мать гора“Wayward Mother Mountain met us with the sun and wonderful weather. And in the end, as if saying “You have to go!”, it said good-bye with a squally wind, thick fog and heavy rain. Everything was wet, even in protective waterproof cases.”

- How was your first meeting at the SUOL tourist club?

- This is a group of people uniting for joint trips: both large multi-day and short, in the vicinity of the city. We have a lot of people in our group over 60, there are even older ones. The older generation of tourists is very active and this is a great example for everyone that lying on the sofa, you will not become healthier! So, you need to walk and be sure to enjoy it. They are very friendly. I immediately joined the team, as we are united by one hobby. Winter or summer- it is not important. We do not have a month in which we do not go hiking. The main thing is that someone drives you there and meets at the end of the tour.Верхоянье4“The Verkhoyansk Kisilyakh are perhaps the most magnificent!”

- And how did you become a photographer?

- Photography for me is a way to share beauty. After all, the profession of fashion designer is such that we work for this beauty. We must be able to notice it, create and share it. This is when you take a piece of fabric and create from it something beautiful that people like. Now photographing has become more affordable. Everyone has cameras on their phones. And when I started to go hiking, and I was able to see this beauty around with my own eyes, I wanted to capture everything and share it with others. I used to be an opponent of social networks and Instagram, and then I realized that this is a great tool for other people to see the beauty of our republic. Many people think that in Yakutia there is nothing other than snow and cold. And with the help of photography you can show the world all our natural diversity. In addition, I believe that for our nature no special photographic equipment is needed!Восточная хандыга"Indigirka pipe: river, wedged between the mountains, rapids and thresholds in addition to the wind. The roller coaster is obviously inferior!”

- You have a lot of photos not only from hiking in the mountains, but also from hiking in the vicinity of Yakutsk ...

- Even near the city you can find places where no human footprints are noticeable. Away from the roads, nature is cleaner and more beautiful. After all, nature itself attracts me, water, wild places. We have a lot of this in Yakutia. In addition, any hiking is a very good and healthy way to lose weight. And your thoughts do not stagnate. In nature, you disconnect from everything, from all city problems and other things. After hiking in Yakutia, I somehow don’t particularly want to go abroad.Мома7“In some places, it seemed like we were somewhere in New Zealand. Green slopes overgrown with shrubs that rise like stairs. And beyond them are the impregnable snow-capped peaks of the mountains.”

- Any tourist has plans and dreams. Will you tell us about yours?

- More hiking! I would like to visit as many corners of Yakutia as possible: its western part, Aldan and Neryungri in the south. Be sure to walk to see everything slowly, to contemplate and share this beauty. Fortunately, we now have many travel agencies that organize trips to remote (and not so) places in Yakutia.Харчан1“The Yakutia mountains are amazingly diverse. It is impossible not to admire them, seeing them with your own eyes. But they are distinguished by a severe character. The height of 2300 meters in Yakutia and somewhere in Krasnaya Polyana are completely different mountains.”

We wish Marina to fulfill her plans and look forward to even more wonderful photos of our nature! We suggest you find Marina's account (m.tka4enko) where you can see other photos and the life of the SUOL tourist club (suol_peshiepohody_ykt).

By Nikolai Tatarinov