• +23 degrees C today in Yakutsk

    According to the Yakutsk Department of Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, today in the capital of the republic it will be warm as in summer.

  • The City on Legs

    This is how Yakutsk is described by people who, for the most part, visit it for the first time. And the thing is that houses have to be built on piles in places where not ordinary earth lies underfoot, but permafrost.

  • Yakut Cities On Permafrost

    Yakutsk is the only large city in the world located on the territory of permafrost. Do some digging - and there is ice. On the one hand, it is convenient, the refrigerator is not needed. Dug out the cellar and store products there. Houses here are built on piles - so that the permafrost does not melt from their heat. That is how they most often write about Yakutsk. However, the capital of the republic is not the only city in the region, built on the permafrost...