• ALROSA co-finances the water supply development program

    ALROSA will allocate 833 million rubles over 5 years to implement this program. The corresponding order was signed by the Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Vladimir Solodov. The program is implemented with the participation of municipalities of the Vilyuisk, Verkhnevilyuisk, Mirny, Suntar, Nyurba, Zhigansk districts and the ALROSA Company.

  • ALROSA environmentalists stock up the rivers of Yakutia with fish

    In June of this year, ALROSA environmentalists released more than 1.6 million whitefish larvae into the water bodies of Yakutia.

  • ALROSA joins Protect the Nature Campaign

    As part of the campaign, the employees of the ALROSA Environmental Center went to the Vilyui group of districts to communicate with schoolchildren, clean the coastal zones of the rivers together and join the All-Russian campaign to conserve water resources.

  • ALROSA: Charity event to get children ready for school

    “Thank you!” - ALROSA employees heard this phrase more than once last week. Words of gratitude addressed to them sounded from large families and families in need of support. The past week among the Company's employees was held under the auspices of good. The first to join the volunteer action were young specialists from the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division. They helped the little Aikhal people get ready for school.

  • Monument to English nurse and philanthropist Kate Marsden inaugurated in London

    At Hillingdon Cemetery (London), the monument to an outstanding woman, international philanthropist Kate Marsden (1859-1931) was consecrated on September 3, 2019.

  • Purified water is a fixture in life

    On September 16, the Public Center of Yakutsk hosted a public hearing following the results of the visit of independent ecologists to the Vilyui group of uluses and to the ALROSA management September 2 - 9. Organizers and participants shared the results of the trip.

  • Rivers wake in Yakutia

    The situation with ice drift on the Lena and Vilyui rivers is calm for now. The Aldan does not cause concern in this regard, but the situation looks difficult on the Kolyma River.