• Archaeologist Victor Dyakonov: “Thanks to the permafrost, amazingly preserved remains are sometimes found in grave fields”

    An archaeologist’s job usually involves long trips, excavations, and the study of various artifacts of the past. Victor Dyakonov, senior researcher at the Department of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Institute for Humanitarian Research and North Indigenous Peoples Problems of the Siberian Branch of the RAS, tells us about the work of Yakut archaeologists.

  • Research and Educational Center to study human life in the Arctic

    Research and Educational Center (REC), which is being established in Yakutia, will conduct comprehensive studies of the Arctic zone. It is supposed to study the life of a person in the Arctic, the behavior of materials and systems in extreme temperatures, climate and ecology of the northern territories, Prime Minister Vladimir Solodov told TASS.

  • Will airships fly in Yakutia?

    Prototype airships for transporting people and goods in Yakutia were created by a Russian developer company. This was announced by the First Vice-President of St. Petersburg Association of Polar Explorers Platon Staroverov.