• Dutch newspaper writes about Pleistocene Park in Yakutia

    The well-known Dutch newspaper «de Volkskrant» wrote about the Pleistocene Park, which is located in Nizhnekolymsky district. The Pleistocene Park is located 150 km from the coast of the Arctic Ocean.

  • Protected area for wild reindeer to be located in Bulun ulus

    Protected natural area of at least 65,000 hectares will be located in the Bulun ulus, the press service of the Ministry of Ecology of Yakutia reports.

  • Reindeer: saving the national treasure

    Russia is home to the largest number of reindeer in the world, but soon it may decrease considerably. Why are environmentalists so concerned? If there is no deer, there is no Dolgans, Evenks and other peoples. Indigenous and small-numbered peoples of the North make one with the environment because of their lifestyle. The loss of this element will destroy the traditional lifestyle of many indigenous and small-numbered peoples of the North, which has developed for centuries in the North of Yakutia.

  • Yakutia carries out a spring reindeer coralization

    Reindeer breeders began sorting deer in the republic