• Archaeologist Victor Dyakonov: “Thanks to the permafrost, amazingly preserved remains are sometimes found in grave fields”

    An archaeologist’s job usually involves long trips, excavations, and the study of various artifacts of the past. Victor Dyakonov, senior researcher at the Department of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Institute for Humanitarian Research and North Indigenous Peoples Problems of the Siberian Branch of the RAS, tells us about the work of Yakut archaeologists.

  • Dutch newspaper writes about Pleistocene Park in Yakutia

    The well-known Dutch newspaper «de Volkskrant» wrote about the Pleistocene Park, which is located in Nizhnekolymsky district. The Pleistocene Park is located 150 km from the coast of the Arctic Ocean.

  • How to save the planet from climate change: Siberian solution

    An Italian correspondent visited a unique Pleistocene Park on the border of Yakutia, where a Russian scientist is trying to recreate the age of mammoths. This article describes his impressions on the trip. “This is a feasible solution for turning back time.”

  • So lifelike: what did scientists discover in the Yakut permafrost

    Another attempt to extract intact DNA from the well-preserved remains of a prehistoric animal failed. Swedish paleontologists, who studied the genome of an 18,000-year-old puppy, could not even determine whether it was a dog or a wolf. Samples of liquid blood taken from the heart of a horse that was in permafrost for 42 thousand years are next for research. Also, specialists havenucleus-like structures of Yuka the woolly mammoth mummy. RIA Novosti figures out what other prehistoric creatures found in Yakutia can provide material sufficient for DNA extraction.

  • Yakut Cities On Permafrost

    Yakutsk is the only large city in the world located on the territory of permafrost. Do some digging - and there is ice. On the one hand, it is convenient, the refrigerator is not needed. Dug out the cellar and store products there. Houses here are built on piles - so that the permafrost does not melt from their heat. That is how they most often write about Yakutsk. However, the capital of the republic is not the only city in the region, built on the permafrost...