• 'North' Research and Educational Center for Arctic and Subarctic Development will open in Yakutia

    The head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, signed a decree on the 'North' Research and Educational Center creation for the development of the Arctic and Subarctic. At a meeting on the implementation of national projects in the republic on September 17, he outlined the goals and objectives of the new institution.

  • A family will spend winter under a dome in Yakutia

    Not far from Yakutsk, the construction of an experimental house, sheltered by a dome, is nearing completion. From mid-November to the summer of 2020, a young family will live in it, on which the close attention of scientists will be riveted throughout this period.

  • Cold tested in Yakutia

    Extreme climate makes Yakut people live depending on long and very cold winters that are the region’s hallmark. How will this work in -50ºC?

  • Competitions for Oriental languages and English among schoolchildren to be held in Yakutsk

    The Vostokoved International Language Center, with the support of the Education Department of the city of Yakutsk, for the first time holds Oriental and English languages Competition for students of institutions of general and further education, YSIA reports.

  • NEFU begins working with modified liver cancer cells

    Scientists of M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University begin working with immortalized HepG2 cells - modified cancer cells of the liver, the press service of the university reports.

  • NEFU conducts research expedition in Australia

    North-Eastern Federal University is conducting a research expedition to Australia as part of the project “The publicistic heritage of the Yakut intelligentsia,” the university’s press service said.

  • NEFU meets Genghis Khan

    North-Eastern Federal University hosted a meeting with the film crew of The Secret of Genghis Khan in anticipation of the 6th Yakutsk International Film Festival

    Northeastern Federal University held a meeting of graduate students from the Institute of Foreign Philology and Regional Studies with the crew of the historical film The Secret of Genghis Khan, released in 2009. The motion picture produced by Sakhafilm was the first full-scale project in the Yakut cinema. The film was a joint production of Russia, Mongolia, the United States and other countries.

    “This film stands at the origins of the Yakut cinema. It has an important symbolic meaning. So I decided that it will be interesting and important for modern youth to meet with the creators of this film, especially for graduate students of our institute in the field of “Cinema and Literature of the Circumpolar World,” says Alina Nakhodkina, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor, Translation Department.

    The film tells about a man known worldwide. A warrior who took up arms to ensure peace and quiet for his family, his people, his country. The Great Khan, who gathered different tribes and peoples under the banner of a single empire, under the rule of a single law. A ruler whose empire extended from the Yellow Sea to the Mediterranean.

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    The film is based on the work of the famous Yakut writer Nikolai Luginov At the behest of Genghis Khan, directed by People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, USSR State Prize laureate Andrei Borisov. The producer of the film is Vladimir Ivanov.

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    Despite the fact that the film did not have international recognition, it was a very successful project at the international level and participated in many famous film festivals.

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    “Thanks to this film and its release into international distribution and participation in Cannes and Montreal film festivals, as well as other international competitions, we showed that there is Siberia, there is Yakutia, and film industry experts began to talk and write about us,” shares Vladimir Ivanov.


  • NEFU opens a representative office in China

    North-Eastern Federal University opened a representative office in China on the basis of Harbin Institute of Technology. The official opening ceremony of the NEFU representative office was held on July 8 in Harbin, the press service of the university reports.

  • NEFU opens Russian Centers in China

    North-Eastern Federal University won a grant from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation - within the framework of the “Education Development” state program of the Russian Federation the university will open centers of Russian language and literature in China, according to the official website of the university.

  • NEFU to host ‘Linguistic World of the Arctic’ Festival

    February 19 - 23, the NEFU Institute of Languages and Culture of Peoples of the North-East of the Russian Federation will host the 'Linguistic World of the Arctic' Festival. According to the university website, the festival is timed to the International Year of the Mother Tongue.

  • North-Eastern Federal University creates a space suit prototype

    “Future Skills: NEFU” International Center for the Development of Advanced Competencies developers created equipment for working in the cold, or a prototype of a space suit, the university press service reports.

  • Olympic champions - You always have to learn!

    Champions show the ropes to children

  • Scientists ‘confident’ that they can extract cells to clone 42,000 year old extinct foal

    A Russian and South Korean team is selecting a horse to become ‘mother’ to bring prehistoric species back to life

  • The dome house is ready to accommodate a family

    On November 28, the 'Kangalassy Industrial Park' Advanced Development Zone hosted the opening of the “dome house” on its territory. This is the first experience of using such technology in Yakutia.

  • The French Ambassador visits NEFU

    Meeting participants discussed joint projects between France and Russia

  • The Mammoth in Tokyo

    29 exhibits of the Lazarev Mammoth Museum of the Applied Ecology Research Institute of the North of the North-Eastern Federal University form the basis for the paleotropical exhibition "The Mammoth" in Japan. The exhibition opened in June in Tokyo, the press service of the university reports.

  • The Northern Forum: Representatives of Denmark, Iceland, Canada and other Arctic countries will come to Yakutsk

    The Northern Sustainable Development Forum – a permanent international expert platform, will be held September 24-28, 2019 under the auspices of the Northern Forum. The Northern Sustainable Development Forum will gather scientists and experts from seven Arctic countries, as well as from China, South Korea and Japan. Forum participants will discuss important problems of the modern Arctic and present international projects.

  • Universities of Yakutia are ready to increase foreign students recruitment

    Universities of Yakutia are ready to increase the recruitment of foreign students to achieve the goals of the Export of Education project within the framework of the Educationnational project; all the conditions have been created for this, the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic Vladimir Egorov told TASS.