• 'Leto Yakutia' - 1st Modern Culture Festival

    July 1 - November 30, the first republican festival of contemporary culture will be held in 13 cities and three villages of Yakutia. Within the framework of the project, the streets of cities and villages will be transformed into works of art based on the cultural patterns of the region and taking into account the wishes of local residents.

  • ‘Mirny Sings of Peace 2019’ Festival: Past and Present

    The diamond region will host the festival of song and dance, poetry and folklore. On April 24 - May 1, ALROSA and the Profalmaz public organization, with the support of the Mirny district and the city of Mirny, will hold a song festival to consolidate non-mainstream music and the youth movement.

  • ALROSA - Job fair in Vilyuisk and Verkhnevilyuisk

    During the fair, the largest employer in Yakutia presented 320 vacancies. They were provided with all the information, given consultations, they were interviewed as well.

  • ALROSA gasifies the Mirny district

    ALROSA-Gaz, a subsidiary of the ALROSA Group, has expanded the geography of gasification of the housing stock of the Mirny district of Yakutia since 2019 - in addition to the town of Mirny and the village of Taas-Yuryakh, the program also includes the village of Arylakh.

  • ALROSA-class students take part in team building training

    On September 7, ALROSA-class students completed a “rope course” - an exciting training for team building. The event was organized by specialists of the training center and young professionals of ALROSA. Classes were aimed at the formation and development of teamwork skills. All stages and tasks of the “rope course” involved a creative approach, individual and group self-expression.

  • ALROSA: Charity event to get children ready for school

    “Thank you!” - ALROSA employees heard this phrase more than once last week. Words of gratitude addressed to them sounded from large families and families in need of support. The past week among the Company's employees was held under the auspices of good. The first to join the volunteer action were young specialists from the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division. They helped the little Aikhal people get ready for school.

  • Bears go to the largest meteorite crater in Yakutia

    ALROSA supported the expedition of the Medved’ (Bear) Car Club to the largest meteorite crater in the world. The Medved’ Off-Road Car Club has been existing in the Mirny district for over 10 years, which holds motor sport competitions. The club is focused on the development of car tourism. Over the years, the club has conducted many expeditions to remote areas of Yakutia. The expedition to the Popigai crater is the Medved's latest motor rally at the moment, and the joint work with the ALROSA Scientific Research Geological Prospecting Enterprise has elevated it to the rank of academic.

  • Children will go to 'Orlyonok' Center

    For a number of years ALROSA, as co-financing, has been providing health resort vouchers of the Orlyonok Children's Center in order to support large and low-income families, as well as parents with disabilities, under the Mirny Child Friendly District program.

  • Colors and emotions of ‘Mirny Sings of Peace’ festival

    The19th 'Mirny Sings of Peace' International Youth Festival organized by the Mirny District, the City of Mirny, ALROSA and the Profalmaz Trade Union was a great success.

  • Land to be restored not worse than a diamond to be polished

    ALROSA pays great attention to the aspects of a comfortable human environment in diamond mining, the Company tries not only to eliminate dust origin, but also to improve the aesthetic component in the areas of its operations. One of such works is land reclamation.

  • Mirny Airport is ready for summer

    The Mirny aviation enterprise of ALROSA, the operator of the Mirny airport, has successfully completed the preparation of services and airport special equipment for work during the summer period.

  • Mirny Regional Technical College - talent pool of ALROSA

    Successful implementation of industrial projects depends largely on the quality of manning

  • Mirny Sings of Peace: Art Impulse

    Creativity, emotions, triumph, drive - this will be the memory of the 19th Youth Festival 'Mirny Sings of Peace.' For seven days, Mirny became the center where young brilliant talents concentrated, and on May 1 the festival participants performed a separate show in a city concert.

  • Salt of the earth: The Komarovs

    Such people are called the "salt of the earth" who build our future. They quietly, peacefully and modestly devote themselves to work throughout their lives. Yuri Komarov is a man of Soviet-style with the Soviet attitude to work. He can be called not only the veteran of ALROSA, but of the whole diamond mining industry. It is such people, ordinary workers, make the industry of the country.

  • The Bodnarchuks - Dynasty of miners

    There are real labor families that pass their professionalism and a serious attitude towards the profession from generation to generation as a legacy

  • The Diamond Capital hosts "Mirny For Run!"

    On September 8, about 300 city residents completed the running season of 2019, breaking 2 kilometers along the streets of Mirny. The bright sun, according to the organizers of the event, contributed only to one thing - This run will take place!

  • World champions at CHEER Festival in Udachny, Aikhal and Mirny

    Within the framework of the CHEER Festival, organized by ALROSA, the Federation of Wrestling of Russia conducts master classes in four cities of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). The festival has already ended in Udachny, Aikhal and Mirny, and there are master classes ahead in Yakutsk. Some details of the festival in Udachny are reviewed on