• 'Leto Yakutia' - 1st Modern Culture Festival

    July 1 - November 30, the first republican festival of contemporary culture will be held in 13 cities and three villages of Yakutia. Within the framework of the project, the streets of cities and villages will be transformed into works of art based on the cultural patterns of the region and taking into account the wishes of local residents.

  • ALROSA supports agrarians of Yakutia

    Good nutrition without quality products is impossible. ALROSA understands this. So, its preference is given to local vegetable growers. For the second year in a row, the Company has been cooperating with Lensk agrarians. This fall, the management of ALROSA-Torg, subsidiary of the diamond mining giant of Yakutia, organized procurement procedures and signed framework supply agreements with agricultural producers.

  • Labor dynasty: Two generations of the Kuzishin family keep the traditions of ALROSA

    Dynasties inspire respect. Such families are distinguished by tradition, a responsible attitude to work - these features are typical for those who from generation to generation remain loyal to the profession. Especially there are a lot of dynasties at large industrial enterprises. ALROSA values the family dynasties that work for the Company. This helps to retain highly qualified personnel and ensure a constant influx of specialists.

  • Navigation begins at Lensk River Port

    ALROSA-LENA opened the navigation period at the Lensk river port. In total, for the navigation in 2019, which will last 160 days, the port plans to accept a total of 289.8 thousand tons of cargo, including 112 thousand tons of petroleum products.