• ALROSA employees receive prestigious awards

    On the City Day and the Diamond Miner's Day, production workers and the best workers of the enterprises and organizations of the town were honored in Aikhal. On this day, more than 40 awards of various levels were presented. Including 30 employees of the plant were awarded the title Honored Worker of Aikhal Mining and Processing Division. According to tradition, workers went on stage to receive the award: drivers, ore enrichment specialists, locksmiths, turners. How ALROSA employees achieve excellence in work and how the Company helps its employees – all this is in the article below.

  • The Tuprins twin brothers: In the footsteps of our father

    Parents do not misadvise their children - if the sons went to work in the company where their father works, then the conditions are good there. That's what I thought when I got the task to write about the Tuprins family in the ALROSAAlmazy Anabara subsidiary.