• Yakut Cities On Permafrost

    Yakutsk is the only large city in the world located on the territory of permafrost. Do some digging - and there is ice. On the one hand, it is convenient, the refrigerator is not needed. Dug out the cellar and store products there. Houses here are built on piles - so that the permafrost does not melt from their heat. That is how they most often write about Yakutsk. However, the capital of the republic is not the only city in the region, built on the permafrost...

  • Yakut fortune telling

    Ancient Yakuts read fortune during the Twelve Days of Christmas, probably due to their adoption of Christianity. They believed that the period of Tankha from January 7 to January 19 is borderline time. The time when the old goes away and the new comes, sacraments are performed, and the souls of the dead can visit this world and help predict the future.