• 1 billion for Far East to prevent coronavirus

    The regions of the Far East will additionally receive over 1 billion rubles for the purchase of means of individual protection and equipment for medical facilities

  • A month for sports at ALROSA

    The whole month of October was full of sporting events for residents of the diamond capital. The ALROSA Cultural and Sports Complex organized a free fitness event Sport-October for everyone. Particular attention was paid to such a system of exercises as Pilates. More details here.

  • ALROSA employees receive prestigious awards

    On the City Day and the Diamond Miner's Day, production workers and the best workers of the enterprises and organizations of the town were honored in Aikhal. On this day, more than 40 awards of various levels were presented. Including 30 employees of the plant were awarded the title Honored Worker of Aikhal Mining and Processing Division. According to tradition, workers went on stage to receive the award: drivers, ore enrichment specialists, locksmiths, turners. How ALROSA employees achieve excellence in work and how the Company helps its employees – all this is in the article below.

  • ALROSA helps children with disabilities

    Thanks to ALROSA, children with disabilities can undergo a rehabilitation course in a rehabilitation center near Moscow.

  • ALROSA helps healthcare

    The personnel issue is the main problem for almost all medical institutions in Yakutia. The most difficult part is the shortage of doctors. Staffing at the Mirny Central District Hospital a few years ago was about 50%. There were big problems with the lack of nursing staff. Thanks to the support of ALROSA, this issue is being gradually resolved.

  • ALROSA is the absolute industry leader in social investment

    ALROSA has confirmed its status as a leader among gold and diamond mining companies in terms of investments in social programs, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

  • Center for Children with Disabilities is one year old

    Disability is one of the hidden problems of society. We often do not know about the scale, and in fact in Yakutia there are 58,102 disabled people, including 628 3 children.

  • In Yakutia, meeting places to be disinfected

    “New action algorithms have been received for all services and systems of our republic, which, first of all, relate to disinfection. A meeting of the emergency response team was held on Friday, which discussed the possibility of disinfection measures, including in public places,” she said.

  • Ministry of Health of Yakutia: There is no Coronavirus in the republic, the situation with ARVI is stabilizing

    No coronavirus infection has been detected on the territory of the republic. In addition, there is a stabilization of the situation with ARVI in groups up to 15 years, but there is an increase in cases older than 15 years. This was reported by the head of the Ministry of Health of Yakutia Elena Borisova.

  • Nyurba Republican Rehabilitation Center: Giving the good to children

    Charity and social programs are an important part of corporate ideology of any successful company, which is indicative of civic stand and social responsibility. For several decades, ALROSA has been providing financial and material assistance to the Nyurba Republican Rehabilitation Center for children with disabilities. “All our achievements would not have been possible without the active participation of ALROSA,” say the Center’s employees.

  • Quality in everything

    For the fifth year now, thanks to ALROSA's financial support, the infection department of the Mirny Central District Hospital has been operating in a separate building. It provides medical care to adults and children suffering from intestinal infection, influenza, complicated forms of acute respiratory infections, viral hepatitis and other infectious diseases. How the hospital changed after the opening of the new building, what is the life of the department today - in an interview with the chief physician of the Mirny Central District Hospital Tatiana Struchkova.

  • Russians buy up BADS, garlic and lemons

    Sales of biologically active dietary supplements (BADS) in pharmacies grew by 30 percent, such a surge has been observed for the first time in the past few years.This is evidenced by the data of the DSM Group company in February, which Izvestia has reviewed.

  • The Diamond Capital hosts "Mirny For Run!"

    On September 8, about 300 city residents completed the running season of 2019, breaking 2 kilometers along the streets of Mirny. The bright sun, according to the organizers of the event, contributed only to one thing - This run will take place!

  • Yakutia starts producing medical masks

    Republic starts inner production due to their increased demand

  • Yakutsk joins World Prematurity Day

    On November 17, World Prematurity Day, events will be held throughout Russia, the Open NGOs portal reports.