• 'Yakutsk in Winter' Photo Contest

    Ten people responded to the call of the city hall. The best photos will be placed at warm bus stops, said the head of the Department of Culture and Spiritual Development of Yakutsk, Antonida Koryakina, live on the Sakha State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

  • Kyunney: a ray of sunshine

    A while back I met the singer Ulya Sergucheva, better known as Kyunney, after the opening of her makeup store. We briefly exchanged a few words. Watching her car leave after saying goodbye, I realized that I should have arranged an interview with her. And just the other day, looking through Ulya’s Instagram, I thought that it was the right time to meet and talk in detail.

  • To move to the village and establish an international souvenir business. The story of the Solovyov family from Tit-Ary

    The Solovyov family — Oleg, Varvara, and 10-year-old Igor – moved from Yakutsk to Tit-Ary village in Khangalassky ulus almost two years ago. They make traditional souvenirs and accessories, including snow goggles “charapchi”, and then sell them all over Russia, to America, Canada, Europe, Japan, and other countries. Read further to learn who buys them and why, and about the pros and cons of life in the village.



  • Tourism in the Pole of Cold. How to not only survive but have fun at -60°C

    A young entrepreneur Tumen Kyrerba long wanted to organize a tour in Oymyakonsky district in the North-East of Yakutia — the coldest inhabited place in Russia, where winter temperatures get to -60°C. And he was right: many—not only Russians, but also foreigners – want to test their bodies in -60°C and experience the culture of the Northern peoples

  • Turkey will donate medical equipment and build a kindergarten in Yakutia

    Minister of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Tourism of Yakutia, Irina Vysokikh, held a working meeting with the Turkish delegation, the press service of the Ministry reports.

  • Yakutia - No shortage of food

    In order to reduce the risks of the spread of coronavirus infection, as well as to ensure further work of trade and public catering enterprises and the comfort of citizens, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship of Yakutia analyzed the situation on the market, YSIA reports.