• American Susan Crate and her daughter Tuyaara-Katie - patriots of Yakutia

    Journalists met with renowned Anthropology Professor from the US, Susie Crate, and her daughter Tuyaara-Katie, a future scientist.

  • Dutch newspaper writes about Pleistocene Park in Yakutia

    The well-known Dutch newspaper «de Volkskrant» wrote about the Pleistocene Park, which is located in Nizhnekolymsky district. The Pleistocene Park is located 150 km from the coast of the Arctic Ocean.

  • How to save the planet from climate change: Siberian solution

    An Italian correspondent visited a unique Pleistocene Park on the border of Yakutia, where a Russian scientist is trying to recreate the age of mammoths. This article describes his impressions on the trip. “This is a feasible solution for turning back time.”

  • Russia to adapt the Arctic to global climate change

    The Russian Ministry for Development of Far East will prepare a plan for adapting the Arctic to global climate change in 2020, Deputy Minister Alexander Krutikov told at the 'Arctic 2020' conference in Moscow, TASS reports. The Deputy Minister added that climate change leads to degradation of permafrost, an increase in the number of wildfires and floods, changes in flora and fauna and, as a consequence, biological threats.

  • The Washington Post correspondent visited Kolyma in Yakutia

    The head of the Moscow bureau of the Washington Post newspaper, Anton Troianovski, visited Upper Kolyma. The journalist and traveler comes to Yakutia for the second time. According to the correspondent of the Kolyma News newspaper, Aitalina Yakovleva, the main purpose of the trip for the journalist is climate change.

  • Weather forecasters promise unusually warm weather in Yakutia

    Unusually warm weather is expected in Moscow, Krasnodar Territory, Yakutia and several other Russian regions this week. The climatic norm will be exceeded up to 16 degrees, Roman Vilfand, supervisor of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, said on Monday to TASS, YSIA reports.