• ‘Diamond Autumn’ Private Pension Fund: Among the leaders again

    Despite the difficult situation in the financial markets in 2018, JSC ‘Almaznaya Osen (Diamond Autumn)’ Private Pension Fund (PPF) has retained its leading position in the industry.According to the Bank of Russia data, published on the regulator's website, the fund ranked second among all PPFs in terms of the yield of pension savings in 2018.

  • Almazy Anabara makes a unique cartoon for children of Yakutia

    Almazy Anabara, ALROSA’s subsidiary company, presented Toko Sahylchan (Toko the Little Fox), animated series in the Yakut language. The cartoon is for children from 2 to 5 years. 12 creative groups and animators of Yakutia responded to Almazy Anabara and started working on the project in March 2019.

  • ALROSA - Job fair in Vilyuisk and Verkhnevilyuisk

    During the fair, the largest employer in Yakutia presented 320 vacancies. They were provided with all the information, given consultations, they were interviewed as well.

  • ALROSA - Winner of the 4th Games (photo report)

    Yesterday the 4th Games of Yakutia Labor Teams (Spartakiad) ended with the celebration of the winning teams, the general exultation of participants and friendly hugs.

  • ALROSA Airlines says goodbye to the legendary Tu-134

    The final flight of the Tu-134 of the ALROSA Airlines was made on May 22 from Mirny to Novosibirsk. It was the last flight of this model aircraft and a crew of 7 people (aircraft commander, co-pilot, navigator, flight engineer and three flight attendants) on the territory of the Russian Federation. The plane was transferred to the Museum of Aviation History of the Tolmachevo airport.

  • ALROSA among the best companies for IR globally

    ALROSA, the world leader in diamond mining, has scored among the best companies globally as part of the international Extel Survey of analysts and investors held in 2019.

  • ALROSA completes mining at several alluvial deposits

    In April 2019, Udachny Mining and Processing Division of ALROSA completed production at the alluvial deposits of the Zakonturnaya deluvial placer of the Udachnaya pipe and Piropovy Ruchey.

  • ALROSA elects new Supervisory Board

    Annual General Meeting of ALROSA Shareholders elected the new Supervisory Board on Wednesday, June 26.

  • ALROSA enters into an agreement with Rostechnadzor on industrial safety

    The agreement is dedicated to the joint elaboration of industrial safety issues, including the creation and implementation of remote control mechanisms for federal state supervision in the field of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities, as well as other types of control and supervision related to the competence of Rostechnadzor.

  • ALROSA enters top 10 of RAEX-Europe’s ESG ranking

    October 31, 2019 – ALROSA entered the top 10 of the annual ESG ranking of the RAEX-Europe independent rating agency. The ranking assesses companies' performance against environmental, social and governance strategies. There are 30 major Russian companies from different business sectors within RAEX-Europe ESG ranking.

  • ALROSA enters top three potential employers

    ALROSA ranks second among the most sought-after employers according to a participants' survey of the Case In-2019 International Engineering Championship.

  • ALROSA gasifies the Mirny district

    ALROSA-Gaz, a subsidiary of the ALROSA Group, has expanded the geography of gasification of the housing stock of the Mirny district of Yakutia since 2019 - in addition to the town of Mirny and the village of Taas-Yuryakh, the program also includes the village of Arylakh.

  • ALROSA in Forbes ranking

    Forbes magazine has published an updated version of its annual Global 2000 ranking, which includes the largest companies in the world. This year, a total of 22 Russian companies, including ALROSA, entered the rating.

  • ALROSA in top 10 of WWF environmental transparency rating

    ALROSA was included in the top 10 of the annual publicity rating of Russian mining and steel companies in regard to environmental responsibility made by WWF Russia together with the European Union and the United Nations Environment Program.

  • ALROSA launches Pocketlift conveyor

    ALROSA has put into service a vertical type conveyor at the concentration plant No 14 of the Aikhal mining and processing division after repairs. The Pocketlift system provides a great lift height, while requiring minimal resources.

  • ALROSA opens a new ethnocultural center in Olenek

    Today, December 17, 2019 Ilkit modern ethnocultural centre held its grand opening in Olenek, the centre of Olenek Evenki National District.ALROSA allocated 280 million rubles for its construction.

  • ALROSA Q1 2019 IFRS results

    Moscow, 17 May 2019 – ALROSA, the world’s leader in diamond mining, announces its IFRS financial results for Q1 2019.

  • ALROSA Q4 and 12M 2019 operating results

    Moscow, 23 January 2020 – ALROSA, a global leader in diamond production, reports its Q4 2019 diamond production of 8.8 m carats and sales of 8.2 m carats. Sales of rough and polished diamonds went up to $916 m.

  • ALROSA ranks among Top 5 mining companies globally by average annual TSR – BCG

    Moscow, 21 June 2019 – ALROSA, the world’s largest diamond mining company, ranked fourth globally and first in Russia among mining companies by total shareholder return (TSR) in the 2019 Value Creators report, a ranking compiled by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). TSR is a key metric that shows the return to a company's shareholder, combining share price movements and dividends paid.

  • ALROSA sells non-core assets worth over RUB 1.2 bn in Q1 2019

    ALROSA took stock of the progress made in Q1 2019 on its non-core assets disposal programme. From January to March, the company was disposing of its non-core assets by selling, liquidating, transferring without consideration or exchanging them. As a result, 21 assets were disposed of for RUB 1.24 bn.

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