• 'North' Research and Educational Center for Arctic and Subarctic Development will open in Yakutia

    The head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, signed a decree on the 'North' Research and Educational Center creation for the development of the Arctic and Subarctic. At a meeting on the implementation of national projects in the republic on September 17, he outlined the goals and objectives of the new institution.

  • 15-volume Explanatory Dictionary of the Yakut language published in Yakutia

    The head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, expressed his gratitude to the team of the Institute for Humanitarian Research and Indigenous Peoples of the North for completing the fundamental scientific work in 2018 on publishing the 'Explanatory Dictionary of the Yakut Language' in 15 volumes, consisting of 80 thousand words. The Explanatory Dictionary was edited by Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the RS (Y), Professor Pyotr Sleptsov.

  • Aisen Nikolaev at Russia-Japan Council of Governors

    The head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, took part in a plenary meeting of the Council of Governors of Russia and Japan, the press service of the head and government of the republic reported.

  • Aisen Nikolaev invites Korean partners to join the investment projects in Yakutia

    The head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, spoke on September 6 at 2nd Russian-Korean forum of interregional cooperation The Way of New Opportunities, which took place as part of the EEF-2019.

  • Aisen Nikolaev met with Chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia Vladimir Solovyov

    The head of the republic, Aisen Nikolaev, met with the chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia, Vladimir Solovyov, who arrived in Yakutsk for the Inforum educational workshop.

  • Aisen Nikolaev visits ALROSA facilities in Angola

    The head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, who is also the First Deputy Chairman of ALROSA Supervisory Board, together with the official delegation of the Company paid a working visit to the Republic of Angola.

  • Aisen Nikolaev: Days of the Far East in Moscow are important to promote macro-region

    Days of the Far East in Moscow are important for promoting the economic benefits of the macro-region, as well as working with investors. This opinion was expressed by the head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev during a press conference in Moscow.

  • ALROSA co-finances the construction of the first adaptive sports gym in the republic

    In the village of Betyuntsy, the construction of a multifunctional gym for adaptive sports is coming to an end. In the development of sports infrastructure, the village is actively assisted by ALROSA, which, through the non-profit organization Trust Fund for Future Generations of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), allocated 130 million rubles for the construction of the facility. This is another moment when ALROSA does not stand aside and takes an active part in the life of the republic.

  • ALROSA elects new Supervisory Board

    Annual General Meeting of ALROSA Shareholders elected the new Supervisory Board on Wednesday, June 26.

  • Bridge over the Lena enters the development plan of the Far East

    The deputy minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, Alexander Krutikov, announced this on June 17 at a meeting of the Public Council of the Ministry for Development of Russian Far East in the Public Chamber of Russia.

  • EEF-2019: Yakutia and Japan signed cooperation agreements

    Japanese JBIC Bank is ready to invest in republican projects

  • First open-air museum in Yakutia

    The first open-air museum in the republic was founded in 1977 in the village of Cherkekh of the Tatta ulus. The idea of the museum belongs to the national writer of Yakutia Dmitry Sivtsev-Suorun Omolloon, in honor of whom the historical and memorial complex was named. 20 historical and architectural monuments of wooden architecture of the 19 - early 20 centuries are collected here. Almost every of these exhibits, like the territory itself, requires some efforts. The museum needs considerable financial investments. In 2012-2013, ALROSA allocated 42 million rubles for the reconstruction of museum collection through the Future Generations Fund.

  • Investment potential of Yakutia presented at EEF

    A presentation on the regional potential and investment attractiveness of Yakutia was held on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, the press service of the head and government of the republic reports.

  • NEAR elects new Secretary General

    On April 6, the Ministry for External Relations and Ethnic Affairs of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) hosted a meeting with the Head of Foreign Trade and International Cooperation Department of the Administration of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Kim Kwan-hong and representatives of the NEAR Secretariat (Association of North East Asia Regional Governments).

  • Putin: The time is ripe

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has actually approved the project for the construction of a highway bridge across the Lena River in the area of Yakutsk. He wrote a brief instruction on the letter in which the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, asked to provide funds for the project in the budget: "The situation has matured for implementation." There, the president instructed the government to make a proposal, Kommersant reports citing its own sources.

  • Rivers wake in Yakutia

    The situation with ice drift on the Lena and Vilyui rivers is calm for now. The Aldan does not cause concern in this regard, but the situation looks difficult on the Kolyma River.

  • The head of Yakutia is one of the leaders

    Medialogia prepared media ratings for governors in April 2019. The head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev ranks second in the Far Eastern Federal District.

  • Visa regime between Russia and Japan could be relaxed

    The head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, proposed to relax visa regime requirements between Russia and Japan during a meeting of the Council of Governors of the two countries, held in Moscow.

  • Vladimir Putin approves Russia’s next mega infrastructure project, a $1.3bn bridge across river Lena

    The current budget for the Lena bridge (shown here on artistic impressions) is 83 billion roubles or $1.3 billion

  • What do ALROSA dividends do for Yakutia?

    ALROSA is completing the payment of dividends to shareholders for 2018. The total amount of dividends paid in 2018 was the largest in the history of ALROSA. So, the Company’s payments to the republic turned out to be the most significant.

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