• ALROSA employees receive prestigious awards

    On the City Day and the Diamond Miner's Day, production workers and the best workers of the enterprises and organizations of the town were honored in Aikhal. On this day, more than 40 awards of various levels were presented. Including 30 employees of the plant were awarded the title Honored Worker of Aikhal Mining and Processing Division. According to tradition, workers went on stage to receive the award: drivers, ore enrichment specialists, locksmiths, turners. How ALROSA employees achieve excellence in work and how the Company helps its employees – all this is in the article below.

  • ALROSA implements Local Personnel in Industry program

    For 9 months of 2019, ALROSA employed 1026 people from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) as part of the implementation of the priority republican project Local Personnel in Industry. The target for the program was 300 people.

  • ALROSA launches Pocketlift conveyor

    ALROSA has put into service a vertical type conveyor at the concentration plant No 14 of the Aikhal mining and processing division after repairs. The Pocketlift system provides a great lift height, while requiring minimal resources.

  • ALROSA: Charity event to get children ready for school

    “Thank you!” - ALROSA employees heard this phrase more than once last week. Words of gratitude addressed to them sounded from large families and families in need of support. The past week among the Company's employees was held under the auspices of good. The first to join the volunteer action were young specialists from the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division. They helped the little Aikhal people get ready for school.

  • ALROSA: life of the Aikhal mine will lengthen by 10 years

    The exploration of the Aikhal underground mine allowed ALROSA to decide on the 300 meters deeper development of the mine, which will significantly replenish the resource base and extend the life of the mine until 2044.

  • ALROSA: the largest gem-quality diamond was extracted from the ground at the mine ‘International’ in the past two years

    Mirny, April 23, 2019 - ALROSA extracted from the ground a large gem-quality diamond at its ‘International’ mine. The crystal weighing 118.91 carats was mined on April 16th. This is the largest gem-quality diamonds found at the ‘International’ pipe over the past two years.

  • ALROSA’s Aikhal MPD is testing a project for the secondary use of waste oils

    ALROSA’s Aikhal Mining and Processing Division is launching a pilot project for the recycling of waste motor oils. The initiative is expected to have a significant environmental and economic impact.

  • Labor dynasty: Two generations of the Kuzishin family keep the traditions of ALROSA

    Dynasties inspire respect. Such families are distinguished by tradition, a responsible attitude to work - these features are typical for those who from generation to generation remain loyal to the profession. Especially there are a lot of dynasties at large industrial enterprises. ALROSA values the family dynasties that work for the Company. This helps to retain highly qualified personnel and ensure a constant influx of specialists.

  • Land to be restored not worse than a diamond to be polished

    ALROSA pays great attention to the aspects of a comfortable human environment in diamond mining, the Company tries not only to eliminate dust origin, but also to improve the aesthetic component in the areas of its operations. One of such works is land reclamation.

  • Little by little, one travels far

    Yakutia24 continues to talk about the Local Personnel in Industry program and people who are already working in ALROSA

  • World champions at CHEER Festival in Udachny, Aikhal and Mirny

    Within the framework of the CHEER Festival, organized by ALROSA, the Federation of Wrestling of Russia conducts master classes in four cities of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). The festival has already ended in Udachny, Aikhal and Mirny, and there are master classes ahead in Yakutsk. Some details of the festival in Udachny are reviewed on