The diamond region has become a real territory of sports. ALROSA brought world sports stars to Mirny, Udachny and Aikhal for the fifth CHEER festival.

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The ALROSA CHEER Festival started on November 17. The stars of basketball and acrobatic rock'n'roll, boogie-woogie and break-dance arrived in the Diamond Province. And on December 1, the 2nd acrobatic rock and roll championship took place in Mirny. The third stage of the sports festival will be held under the sign of martial arts, it will be held by the Russian Union of Martial Arts and the Kyokushin Association of Russia. The third stage of the sports festival will be dedicated to martial arts, it will be held by the Russian Union of Martial Arts and the Kyokushin Association of Russia. December 6 - December 15, local residents will be able to take part in kickboxing, sambo, judo, taekwondo and Kyokushin workouts. The festival’s celebrities are also expected in the capital of the republic, Yakutsk, where martial arts workshops will be held on December 14-15. In addition, a friendly tournament in Touch-Kumite will be held in each city - soft-stick battles that all participants liked so much during the last festival.

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Festival History

For the first time, the CHEER Festival kicked off in 2017. Then ALROSA identified two main goals - to popularize sports among the population and to form a conscious attitude to a healthy lifestyle among the young generation. The festival was initiated with the support of the Company's sports partners - VTB United League and the All-Russian Federation of Dance Sports and Acrobatic Rock and Roll.

VTB United League is a basketball tournament created in 2008 jointly by VTB and the Russian Basketball Federation. It unites clubs in Eastern and Northern Europe. It is an official competition of the International Basketball Federation.

The All-Russian Federation of Dance Sports and Acrobatic Rock and Roll was created to develop salsa, break dance, hip hop and other swing and modern dances. Among the athletes of the federation are repeated finalists of world and European championships. The Federation is a member of the World Rock and Roll Confederation and the World Dance Sports Federation.

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In 2018, the idea of the ALROSA Sports Festival was supported by the Russian Hockey and Wrestling Federations, as well as the Russian Martial Arts Union. Later, the Kyokushin Association of Russia and the Ilze Liepa “Culture for Children” Charity Foundation for the Promotion of Choreographic and Fine Arts joined the diamond-makers. For ALROSA, cooperation with sports federations and leagues is of great importance. The Company seeks to provide employees and their families the opportunity to play sports and develop their sporting achievements, promote a healthy lifestyle culture.

“Partnership with sports federations and leagues is not just an image-building campaign for us. We are looking for new opportunities for the development of our employees and their families in sports and set the task of bringing the culture of a healthy lifestyle to the inhabitants of the regions of our activity. Today, more than 170 sports sections and teams, in which more than 6 thousand people are engaged, constantly work on the basis of ALROSA cultural and sports institutions in Yakutia. A joint festival with our partners is the participation of titled athletes, master classes at the highest level, ensuring great involvement of employees and members of their families,” said Olga Churakova, deputy head of the department, head of the department of special projects for marketing and public relations at ALROSA.

A whole galaxy of Russian sports stars take part in the festival

So, a whole galaxy of Russian sports stars arrived at the opening of the first festival in Mirny: Anatoly Laptev, head coach of the men's student basketball team of Russia, Sergey Bykov, Honored Master of Sports, acrobatic rock and roll stars, Russian champions and World Cup winners Pavel Zyuzin and Polina Leonova. And in 2018, Olympic champion Davit Chakvetadze, Olympic medalists Sergei Semenov and Valeria Koblova visited Yakutia, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR in hockey Mikhail Vasiliev, two-time World Champion among youth teams Igor Grigorenko and multiple winner of the Russian Hockey Championship Alexander Boykov. Also, famous dancers from Russia and the world in acrobatic rock-and-roll, boogie-woogie and break dance came to a major event: Olga Sbitneva and Ivan Yudin, Maria Zinchenko and Mikhail Ershov, Alexey and Svetlana Gavrilov, Nadezhda Dolgopolova, Dmitry Belyaev and Daria Dmitrieva, as well as one of the best Russian break dance teams O.B.C. Crew. The coaches of the festival were members of the Student Basketball Association Mikhail Startsev and Stepan Akhapkin, European basketball champion Alexei Savrasenko. Theater and film actress, TV presenter and radio host Yana Poplavskaya and choreographer, actress, teacher Olga Nasyrova were invited to the festival. Yana and Olga, on behalf of the Ilze Liepa “Culture for Children” Foundation, conducted a talent review for selection for the show at the annual ALROSA New Year's ball. The list of invited trainers in 2019 also includes Vladimir Prikazchikov, two-time world champion and European sambo champion, Dmitry Gerasimenko, winner of the World Cup, European Sambo Championship and participant in the Olympic Games in Judo, world champion, two-time World Cup champion and three-time Russian kickboxing champion Kirill Antonov, multiple European champion and World Taekwondo Championships winner Evgeny Piksaev, as well as the champion of Japan and multiple champion of Russia in Kyokushin and the world champion in Tamesivari Ilya Karpenko.

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Gaining momentum

Every year, the CHEER festival is gaining momentum. Geography and the number of participants are growing. More and more youth and children are charged with ethos of sports. The 2017 festival included 68 workshops and open lessons, three evenings of acrobatic rock and roll, 6 exhibition matches in basketball, 24 film screenings and more than five thousand participants. In 2018, the organizers tried to use all formats of activities, and the festival came out very productive. In total, 95 master classes and open lessons, 19 sporting events, more than 40 screenings of auteur short films were held - winners and prize-winners of the annual KOROCHE Film Festival. A photo contest for the most interesting photo about the sports mood was announced. The winner received the main prize - a trip to a big basketball event. Two participants of the May ALROSA CHEER festival were awarded a trip to the dance shift of the Artek international camp located in Gurzuf on the Black Sea. Lovers of dance art were delighted when a ballet star and People’s Artist Ilze Liepa with her ballet troupe came to the diamond capital with a concert. During the festival, she met with her young admirers - the Diamonds of Yakutia children's ballet theater. In 2018, more than 10,000 people were charged with a sports spirit.

In 2019, about 200 master classes were held, at least 20,000 people took part in them. The first part of the sports festival took place in March-April. Free workshops were held by leading athletes of dance sports and acrobatic rock and roll. The guests of the festival were the stars of Russian hockey. Only in this sport, and only at one venue, nine master classes, six friendly meetings with a series of shootouts, four training sessions, autograph sessions and a new communication format “101 Questions to the Champion.” And there were 4 venues - Udachny, Aikhal, Mirny and Yakutsk.

The CHEER festival is not only training and master classes, but also photo shoots, communication with athletes and prize drawing. The format of the event changes each time. This time, the new concert program Trust, Dream, Fly will lend color to the festival.

After the festival, more children join sports sections

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Filyus Faizullin, coach of the ALROSA Cultural and Sports Complex in Mirny:

- After the festival, more and more children come to us to join the section. Master classes and meetings with famous athletes leave strong impressions for the children. If festivals of this kind continue to take place, this will greatly contribute to the development of sports. I am sure that holding the festival provides an impetus for the development of various sports. It is worth noting that open classes, master classes and demonstrations are absolutely free.

Social projects are one of ALROSA's priority areas of activity. The Company seeks to provide decent working conditions for its employees and members of their families, to develop the social infrastructure of Yakutia. And support for sports is one of the key areas of this work. In partnership with the sports federations of Russia, the company seeks to organize public events for residents of the region. The organization of the CHEER Festival provides an opportunity to gain new knowledge and impressions, inspire you to play sports, make it accessible, and it is possible that someone will want to connect their life with these sports and engage in them at a more professional level.