On October 31, the renovated Kristall swimming pool welcomed its first visitors. Athletes and amateurs, adults and young residents of the diamond capital were looking forward to this day.

In early July, a large basin of the Kristall swimming pool was closed for repairs. Then the leadership of the ALROSA Cultural and Sports Complex set a goal to make repairs using modern materials with the best characteristics. More than 6 million rubles were spent on updating the facility. We managed to implement all our plans, the management notes.

Deputy Director of the Center Evgeny Gaivoronsky: “The pool basin is covered with a new waterproofing layer and a new modern film, which is used in most pools in Russia and Europe. This material will allow us to extend the life of up to 10 years and reduce the amount of repair."


A bit of history. The Kristall swimming pool was built in 1987 by order of the Yakutalmaz Industrial and Research Association. Kristall is one of the eleven sports facilities of the ALROSA Cultural and Sports Complex. Today, the swimming pool has two swimming sections for children in five groups. Girls and boys from five years are engaged in sports swimming. Therapeutic swimming is taught for children from eight years of age. In addition, workouts in basketball for children and volleyball for both children and adults are held in the swimming pool building. Since its inception, the pool has been one of the most popular sports facilities.

In the Cultural and Sports Complex, the Unified CSC client card is currently being actively introduced. The new format allows the use of more convenient plastic cards instead of the usual subscription. Cards are available for sale in the swimming pools of Mirny: Kristall and Olimp, as well as in the Kimberlite Sports Palace. In the future, it is planned to sell cards in all cultural and sports facilities of the complex. All 17 facilities are located throughout the Mirny district. Cultural and sports facilities provide an opportunity for employees of the diamond mining enterprise to keep themselves in excellent physical shape and lead a healthy lifestyle, which is especially important for working in the mining industry.


CSC trainees also made a gift for the opening of the swimming pool and brought well-deserved medals from the republican competitions in memory of coach Yuri Usov, held in the capital of Yakutia. In two days, the Mirny swimmers team have won 64 medals. 200 people took part in the competitions from all over the republic. Once again, it was proved that the Cultural and Sports Complex properly trains athletes, and they are at a high level of training. They won 24 gold, 25 silver and 15 bronze medals. In relay races, young athletes ranked first and second.

Immediately after the success in Yakutsk, young swimmers began preparing for the Russian competitions on the lanes of the updated Kristall swimming pool.

by Alena BUDKOVA

Photo from the archive of Almazny Krai Media Company