The whole month of October was full of sporting events for residents of the diamond capital. The ALROSA Cultural and Sports Complex organized a free fitness event Sport-October for everyone. Particular attention was paid to such a system of exercises as Pilates. More details here.

The month of October was unique for Mirny. And we are not talking about the lack of snowdrifts so familiar to the residents of Mirny in October. Throughout the month, fitness exercises were held at the Kimberlite sports complex. What is unique about all this? Throughout October, the coach of the Cultural and Sports Complex conducted training for free with everyone! Such an event was named Sport-October, and it is one of a kind.

Every Saturday and Sunday, the residents of Mirny had the opportunity to tap into sports. Many participants of the event got acquainted with fitness and Pilates. Sport-October lasts one month, 10 workouts of two hours a day, more than 100 participants and an energy boost for the long winter.

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Pilates: if you want to be healthy and beautiful with lithe physique

The cult of a beautiful body in the modern world has gained a truly enormous spread. To be successful in your career and personal life, you need to work not only on your inner world, but also on the external component. Healthy diet, visiting fitness clubs, in general, everything that improves our physical condition has become popular. Everyone is free to choose their own path to a beautiful and healthy body. But, as a rule, those techniques that have been tested for decades by millions of people inspire confidence. The exercise system called Pilates refers to those ones.

Surprisingly, Pilates, so popular today, has been around for over 100 years! This exercise system was invented in the 19th century, the birthplace of its founder is Germany. And this system was developed by Joseph Pilates for the rehabilitation of people after injuries. From the very early years, Joseph himself suffered from rheumatic fever and asthma, but was able to defeat his ailments with the help of physical exercises developed by himself. Since then, Pilates has conquered the whole world, starting with America, and therefore today it is this country that is considered the birthplace of Pilates. In our country, Pilates has gained popularity in the last 10 years, thanks to the show business people. Pilates has also taken root because it really helps to build the body of your dreams, while not requiring special financial costs and tremendous physical exertion.

Healthful weekend

The organizers said that one of the tasks of the October campaign was to make the weekend of the city residents as worth-while as possible. Of course, they managed to show an alternative to passive rest.

Previously, the Cultural and Sports Complex did not hold such events. The idea is simple - to give residents the opportunity to choose their own direction for free for further training in the sections of the Sports Complex on an ongoing basis. Also, the opportunity to find friends for further workouts. For the first event, completely different directions of fitness were chosen: interval, functional training and Pilates. All these directions are equally popular. Those who like stretching, smooth movements, striving for balance were engaged in Pilates. Functional training is building body muscles, strengthening larger muscle groups of the whole body.

To the question “What effect do you expect from the event?”, one of the organizers honestly answered: “I would like people to indulge in sports and practice it systematically.”

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What is Pilates training?

Pilates training includes a series of exercises that follow one after another in a specific order. The movements are performed gently, change smoothly. Muscles training is performed with extreme concentration and deep breathing. In Pilates they work both with their own weight and with the help of special equipment.

Pilates does not give a powerful fat-burning effect: only 250-300 kcal is spent during training. In addition, if you want to improve your muscles, then the system of exercises must be supplemented with strength training. If it does not lead to weight loss and muscle development, then why do we need Pilates? This system of exercises gives a slender lithe physique with excellent coordination without mighty muscles. Pilates tightens and makes the stomach flat, evens out posture and relieves back pain, lowers the shoulders and lengthens the neck.

What is the difference between Pilates and yoga?

The spiritual component bonds over Pilates and yoga, in which the harmonization of mind and body comes first. Attention to breathing and its working out also brings Pilates and yoga closer together. However, there are more differences between them than similarities. Yoga is based on a static training in the form of asanas (sitting posture), and Pilates, on the contrary, involves constant movement and a change in body position, which gives more opportunities to work on muscles.

In addition, yoga is aimed at stretching and flexibility, while Pilates works to strengthen the muscles of the body, which are necessary for a person in everyday life.

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Who will benefit from Pilates?

Absolutely everyone. These exercises were created primarily for healing and returning energy and strength to the body. It is used even for rehabilitation after injuries and for people whose physical capabilities are limited. Thanks to soft and progressive movements, it is considered the safest type of training.

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Why is it important to practice Pilates with an experienced coach?

Pilates exercises are simple and it seems that they can be mastered at home. But their effectiveness depends on the correct technique: body position and breathing. If you do it wrong, then there will be no effect. Therefore, it is important to start training with a professional coach who can control you and explain the correct position of the body, the principles of breathing and the sensations that should appear in the body. More information about Pilates in Mirny was told by the Cultural and Sports Complex fitness trainer Alina Mekhtiyeva:

- A lot of people unexpectedly came to workouts. And this despite the fact that the Sport Complex did not have these directions before. At each workout, from two to ten people used to join from week to week. Each of them has its own goals. Someone after injuries recovers through Pilates, someone is already familiar with functional training, and wants to improve the muscles of the body. The level of training is different for everyone. Because of this, exercises are given in several versions - more complicated and easier.

It's nice that already in the middle of the month, many participants began to pre-register for training. So they express their intention to continue, and this is a reward for the coach.

At practice, it is clear that people come to spend time with benefit. No one is distracted and everyone tries to do best.

Exercising is the best gift for the body

The high level of training of the coaching staff and the pleasant atmosphere in the gym are indicated by the fact that people want to sign up for regular training in paid groups.

“As part of the event, I do Pilates. Pilates is not as easy as it may seem. It is necessary that every muscle “thinks”. Being engaged in Pilates, it is difficult to harm the body, you yourself control your body, and you understand that you do not know it at all. This sport is not new for me, just like the coach who trains it. I’ve known trainer Alina for a long time. I love training with her, now it’s hard to find such a competent and sympathetic coach as her.

Starting your day off with such a physical exercise is the best gift for the body. After training, I want to do a million things! This is definitely a big plus. I initially came to workout alone. It’s good to train alone - you don’t depend on anyone, but the coach supports and inspires! However, over time, I invited my mom to train. By personal example I accustom her to sports. I would very much like to continue such an event!” Maria Vorobyeva, a participant in the Sport-October campaign, shared her impressions.

Saturated with sports, October warmed the inhabitants of Mirny in cold autumn weather and did not let them get bored on weekends. Charged with positive energy, the residents of Mirny are definitely ready for the long northern winter, and most importantly for high snowdrifts, which are not yet visible on the horizon.

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The ALROSA Cultural and Sports Complex proves that it is never too late to start playing sports. The season and weather, as we have seen, absolutely do not play any role. However, this month of Sport-October will be remembered by the residents of the diamond capital for a long time.