The World Cup in Yakutsk is the benchmark of the competition, experts and guests agreed, who were amazed by the attention of the organizers and fans to their favorite sport. In these two days, the Triumph Center has indeed become the world center of free-style wrestling.

According to the results of the competition, the Russian national team became the seven-time winner of the World Cup in freestyle wrestling. It was not the core set of wrestlers to fight at the tournament, but the wrestlers with a great competitive spirit. Trainees of the Yakut free-style wrestling school, NEFU students Aryaan Tyutrin (up to 57 kg) and Viktor Rassadin (up to 65 kg) represented the hosts of the competition, Yakutsk. Muslim Sadulayev (57), Zelimkhan Abakarov, Ramazan Ferzaliev (61), Gadzhimurad Rashidov, David Bayev, Anzor Zakuev (70), Zaurbek Sidakov, Timur Bizhoev (74), Magomed Ramazanov, Husey Suyunchev (79), Dauren Kurugliev, Vladislav Valiev (86), Magomed Kurbanov, Alikhan Zhabrailov (92), Vladislav Baitsayev, Rasul Magomedov (97), Zelimkhan Hizriev, Pavel Krivtsov (over 125) fought for the Russian national team,

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In the absence of the Olympic champion in weight to 97 kg Abdulrashid Sadulayev (knee injury), the coaching staff appointed world champion Zaurbek Sidakov as captain of the national team. The team now has a positive fighting atmosphere - one for all and all for one,” said 23-year-old Sidakov.

On the first day, the Russians were opposed by the national teams of Cuba and Japan. In the first round, the Russian wrestlers were stronger than the Cubans with a score of 9: 1. Victories were won by Tyutrin, Rashidov, Bayev, Sidakov, Suyunchev, Kurugliev, Kurbanov, Baytsaev and Khizriev. In Cuba's team, Yowlys Bonne Rodriguez celebrated his victory, the current world champion in the weight category up to 61 kg, who defeated Zelimkhan Abakarov.

Then there was a grand and memorable opening ceremony, which featured Yakut folk dances to traditional music, among the honored guests of the ceremony were the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, President of the Russian Wrestling Federation Mikhail Mamiashvili and President of the United World Wrestling (UWW), Member of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Nenad Lalović. “I am very pleased that the World Cup is held here: it seemed that Yakutsk would be an extreme venue for the World Cup, but it turned out quite the opposite. The venue, opening ceremony, atmosphere - it was a real surprise for me, I hope, we will see the same fantastic fights,” said Nenad Lalović at the end of the opening ceremony, expressing a desire to continue to hold competitions of such a scale in Russia.

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In the second round, the Russian wrestlers defeated the Japanese (8: 2), despite the lost start - in the first two bouts Magomed Sadulayev and Zelimkhan Abakarov suffered a defeat. The last rival in the group was the team of Turkey, which could not oppose anything to the Russians, losing 0:10. Three victories allowed the Russian team to take first place in Group A and reach the final of the tournament immediately.

In Group B, the team of the USA, current World Cup winners Iranians, and a team from Mongolia competed. In contrast to Group A, a serious struggle for the leading line of the parallel group was conducted between the Iranian and US teams, the Iranians excelled in the end and competed with the Russian team in the final, and the Americans got the right to compete for third place with the Japanese team.

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In addition to the matches of the third round, on the second day there were fights for 7-8, 5-6, 3-4 places and the final of the tournament. According to the results of the first two confrontations, the Georgian team took the seventh place, defeating the Turks (8: 2), and in the fight for the fifth place between the teams of Cuba and Mongolia, the Cubans were stronger (6: 4). The final of the competition was the highlight of the second day: the Americans and the Japanese up to the ninth fight went on a par. The American heavyweights were stronger and won bronze medals.

The final of the competition the Russians fought as confidently as the previous battles of the tournament. Strong performance and well-trained athletes, competent tactics of the coaching staff and the choice of composition for the tournament, as well as the crazy support of the home stands brought the Russians victory in the final with a score of 9: 1. As part of the Russian national team, brilliant victories were won by the Yakut wrestlers, winners of the championships of Russia Aryaan Tyutrin and Viktor Rassadin. In the category up to 57 kg Tyutrin with a gap of 9 points wins Alirez Sarlak. It should be noted that Aryaan opened the final bouts with his match, and his spectacular performance with two throws for 4 points charged his teammates for the attacking fight. And Viktor Rassadin in weight up to 65 kg confidently wins against Hassanali Giazi Cheka 10: 2. As part of the Iranian national team, Mohammadjavad Ebrahimi triumphed once, defeating Magomed Kurbanov in weight up to 92 kg.

According to the results of the competition, the Russian national team became the seven-time winner of the World Cup in freestyle wrestling. For Russian freestyle wrestlers, the victory in the World Cup was the seventh in history, six times the Russians won at home: in Moscow (1992, 2010), Krasnoyarsk (2007), Vladikavkaz (2008), Makhachkala (2011) and Yakutsk (2019). The only time the Russians won a victory outside the country in 1998 in Stillwater, USA.

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At the end of the tournament, the closing ceremony and awarding of the winners took place; winners were awarded personally by the UWW President Nenad Lalović who expressed gratitude for the organization of the tournament.

“Thank you, fans, for helping to organize such a tournament, and for the wrestlers to help show their best technique, as well as for presenting your city and your country properly. At the moment I don’t know if Yakutsk is capable of hosting the future World Cup, but Russia will have one or two years to resolve this issue. Now I just want to thank the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolayev, who created all the conditions for UWW, teams, spectators, judges, coaches.”

Also, according to the president of the Russian Wrestling Federation, the next serious test for the national team before the upcoming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo will be the World Championship in Astana. At the world championship, which will be held September 14-22, six winners of these competitions will go to the Olympics in Tokyo.