ALROSA funded more than 220 million rubles for building a Churapcha Olympic reserve orphan boarding school a few years ago. The 400 people housing school was opened on September 5, 2013. Read more about the school about the school in our article.

The way it all started.

By decision of the Republic government a boarding school was opened based on the teacher’s college in Churapcha in 1957. The idea to open a sports school at the Churapchinsky boarding school appeared when a public freestyle wrestling trainer, a teacher of Russian language and literature, a graduate of the Leningrad Teacher Training Institute, Dmitry Petrovich Korkin, had been running a free-style wrestling section among pupils of the school for more than 5 years.

In 1991 the school acquired the status of a republican sports school and was given the name of the founder, Honored Trainer of the RSFSR, YASSR, USSR, Honored Teacher of the YASSR Dmitry Petrovich Korkin.

“An old wooden building of the school built in 1967 did not meet the modern standards of the educational building. The school operated in six separate buildings until 2013. The shabby  building of the old school required major repairs; a lot of financial expenses were needed to renovate it. When it was – 50 C in the street the temperature inside the school was about – 10 C. For several years we raised the question of building a new building. And so our requests were heard and the construction of a new building started. After the opening of the new building we managed to hire some young teachers. This is very important for the distant northern territory,” says the school principal Nikolai Gulyaev.

The school heroes.

Within the walls of the school real fighters are brought up. 175 masters of sports of the USSR, 12 masters of sports of international class, 4 honored masters of sports of the USSR came out of them. 265 pupils got higher education.

The first President of the Republic of Sakha M.E. Nikolaev left the following entry in the book of honorary guests of the school: “Even in those days when there were no modern simulators Dmitry Korkin studied the physical capabilities of a person, thoroughly studied and created simulators made of wood.”

It is noteworthy that for the first time in the history of sports education the institution has prepared Olympic champions in freestyle wrestling, drafts, athletics, acrobatics and national jumping. The school is also famous for the fact that on its basis there was a branch of the physical education department of the Yakutsk teacher training college No. 1 opened in 1994.

For the 2012-2013 years according to the results of sports achievements in the Championships of Russia, Europe and the world, the Churapchinsky republican sports boarding school received the status of a sports school of the Olympic reserve. In 2016 the school got the status of a federal experimental site of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation under the program “Creating a model of a system of continuing physical education and sports training of the Olympic reserve”. It is the traditions of the pedagogical heritage of prominent figures, their experience, training practice qualified personnel in the field of physical education and sports, as well as timely support of ALROSA through the Fund for Future Generations made it possible in the extreme north to build a system of continuing physical education.

Today 438 children from 28 uluses and 5 cities of Yakutia are studying at the school. Representatives of 7 nationalities live in a friendly family. Children are accepted to school according to sports and general physical data without exams. The selection is conducted in eight sports: freestyle wrestling, athletics (national jumps), drafts (Russian and hundred-cell), sports acrobatics, volleyball, bullet shooting, archery, boxing. Children have four meals a day and live in the school building.

The Churapchinskaya Republican Sports Secondary Boarding School of the Olympic Reserve is also a general education budgetary school. Its graduates pass state exams. Children study the Yakut language and literature, computer science, English, the culture of the peoples of Yakutia and astronomy at school.

“The school is ready for the new academic year. On September 1  we will accept 40 new students. 36 last year graduates entered universities and colleges; two of our children are now serving in the army. Two of our graduates became our pride who, according to the results of their studies at the school received medals “For special successes in learning”: Permyakov Zhenya and Shestakova Angelena,” said Anna Gulyaeva, the school's deputy director for scientific and experimental work.


Famous graduates.

- Dmitriev Roman Mikhailovich - Soviet freestyle wrestler, champion of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, silver medalist of the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, world and European champion, six-time champion of the USSR.

- Pinigin Pavel Pavlovich - Soviet freestyle wrestler, Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored Coach of the Ukrainian SSR.

- Ivanov Alexander Nikolaevich - Soviet freestyle wrestler, silver medalist of the Olympic Games, medalist of the World Cup, medalist of the European Championship, repeated champion and medalist of the USSR championships. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR.

- Vasily Nikolayevich Gogolev - Soviet freestyle wrestler, champion and medalist of the USSR and European championships, medalist of the world championship, winner of the USSR Cup, medalist of the World Cup, winner of the Goodwill Games, international master of sports of the USSR.

For reference

Korkin Dmitry Petrovich - Yakut Soviet freestyle wrestling coach, Honored Teacher of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Honored Coach of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, the RSFSR and the USSR, holder of the Order of the Badge of Honor and the Order of the October Revolution, Man of the 20th Century of Yakutia.

Churapcha is an urban-type settlement. The population of it is more than 10 thousand people. The area of the village is 34 km sq. I was founded in 1725 after the opening of the Okhotsk tract. Churapcha is located on the shore of Lake Churapcha, 177 km east of Yakutsk along the Kolyma federal highway.