The Russian national team won six gold, nine silver and four bronze medals at the 5th Gen-Shin-Kan World Cup, the president of the Gen-Shin-Kan international federation, Tselestin Tsyukhtsinsky reported.

Competitions were held from July 25 to July 28 in the Croatian city of Split. Athletes from 26 countries competed in jiu-jitsu, brazilian jiu-jitsu, grappling, MMA and kobudo.

“The Russian team consisted almost entirely of the Yakut athletes. Vladlen Naumov, Lev Sidorov, Timur Stiforov and Vladislav Stramkov won two gold medals each. Milana Struchkova won four silver medals. Alexey Buruev has two silver medals,” Tselestin Tsyukhtsinsky noted.

During the events, the president of the federation was himself included in the Hall of Fame of martial arts and was presented with an honorary badge.

Pictured right: Tselestin Tsyukhtsinsky