A while back I met the singer Ulya Sergucheva, better known as Kyunney, after the opening of her makeup store. We briefly exchanged a few words. Watching her car leave after saying goodbye, I realized that I should have arranged an interview with her. And just the other day, looking through Ulya’s Instagram, I thought that it was the right time to meet and talk in detail.

Today Ulya is not just an idol and a role model for thousands of girls and women, but also a successful businesswoman. She can be seen almost everywhere: on TV and on the Internet, she participates in master classes and other events. She is an easy-to-communicate, fun and creative person who is always ready to discover something new.


I'll start with a compliment question. You look great! What's the secret?

Thank you! There are many aspects, both physical and psychological. It is important to follow the diet, stay in good shape and take care of your skin. But all this is for nothing, if deep down you are uneasy or lazy.

Recently, we saw you as a businesswoman. Can you tell a little about it?

I have an economics degree. At first, I gained experience by organizing events, both for myself and for other people. Then I was an art director in Yakutsk State Variety Theater. After leaving, I was finally ready to open my own shop. It is the official store of an international Korean makeup brand. In addition to meeting official requirements for a branch, our store introduced its own initiatives – we can test clients’ skin with a special high-tech device and determine which skin care is best for them. Then they can immediately wash their face and try any makeup line – there is a sink with clean water and testers of all products.


Many businessmen recommend reading more books. How often do you read, and why?

I love reading. Fiction is a great way to detach yourself and look at things in a new way. I love business books, too. And, of course, I couldn’t ignore the book of our compatriot, Arsen Tomsky.

How do you have time for everything? Can you share some life hacks?

Scheduling is a must-have. Before going to bed, be sure to write down all the things you have planned for tomorrow. Then you wake up ready for your tasks. Long-term planning is also necessary, otherwise it is easy to get bogged down in routine. And most importantly – dream. It is easy to keep up with everything when you have a powerful internal motivator. It helps to follow through on your goal, cutting off unnecessary things that eat up a lot of your time.

In continuation or in contrast: how do you relax?

I sleep. I eat. I do what I like – work. If you love what you do, you work and rest at the same time.


All your songs have a piece of your soul and some of your personal experiences. What can we expect from you? Maybe you are preparing some hits or a new album?

Another compliment! But you usually don’t prepare a hit, it just so happens that some songs become hits (this amateurish question amused her). Well, I hope that I’ll have more songs that touch listeners’ hearts. Also, I have two music videos in the process of editing at the moment. They are quite complex and time-consuming. You'll see them soon.

It's been three years since you released your first solo album. When can we expect a big concert?

I give concerts every 5 years. Last time I was a little late and had a concert in the spring of 2016 instead of 2015. Therefore, the next one is in 2020, also in March, like the last one. We have already developed the program, we are at the stage of its approval and concept design. Traditionally, it will be a show with major hits of different years.

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How often do you tour in Yakutia?

I love touring. It does not happen very often, but I try to tour every year.

Can you tell us about your collaboration with Nyurguyana Yakovleva and Zavod dance studio?

We started collaborating in August 2019. It all started when my new MV’s director (author’s note: the MV is at the stage of editing) asked me to contact Zavod and offer them to shoot in my MV. We met with Nyurguyana and talked a lot. After the conversation I left as a new member of Zavod. Besides, Nyurguyana is my favorite designer. I admire her work since the days of NY modeling studio.

Creative work needs interaction and new collaborations. We both have the desire to do something more than average and to achieve the best result. I think anyone can see this by looking at the results of her work.



Now many people post photos from their trips on social media. What unusual place in Yakutia have you visited or would like to visit?

My big dream is to visit the Laptev sea. I would really like to visit every corner of my republic. This is much more interesting than traveling abroad.

Many people say that you have an interesting Instagram page. What celebrities do you follow on Instagram and why?

I like Irena Ponaroshku and Nastya Ivleeva. Girls with no filters and with a sense of humor. But to be honest, I rarely have time to look through Instagram.

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You also have an army of followers – more than 75 thousand. Do you manage your account yourself?

Yes, I write the posts myself, but I have an assistant.

It is much more difficult to cultivate good traits in yourself than to do something bad. How do you manage your social media pages?

Hyping on hot topics is not my goal. It works and I could do that, but it's not my method. I usually share news about my art, work and people that surround me. I am grateful to my followers for simply accepting me for who I am.

By Andrey Shilov