Inquisitiveness of the mind, intellectual curiosity can push a person to unexpected, sometimes extreme actions. At least, it was such character traits that made the former teacher and entrepreneur leave to live in the dead taiga. Without light, electricity and heat.

While the family is making themselves at home in a house under a dome near Yakutsk as part of an experiment, the family of Natalia and Stepan Sleptsovs has been living in a dense forest for four years, far from civilization in a domed house with all conveniences.

Stepan Sleptsov from the village of Usun-Kuel, Verkhnekolymsky district, he had long dreamed of having a family estate, living the way he himself wanted, and not depend on anyone. Such a place was the former estate of his great-grandfather ten kilometers from the village.

“For me, this is the memory of my grandfather. He was an apanage prince of the 4 Myatyuzhsky village, was repressed in 1938 and sent to exile, then not traced,” the grandfather’s namesake says.

Now, the grandfather himself, Stepan Alekseevich, building a family estate, pursues his goals: to acquaint grandchildren with the history of the family, instill a love of work, and at the same time prove in practice that a person can equip his home and survive in the forest using alternative power sources.

At first, the Sleptsovs built saiylyk (summer house) in the area Kusagan Kustakh, and then they gradually moved there altogether. His wife Natalya supported her husband in everything. So, far from civilization, practically in the tundra, the Sleptsovs began to build a domed house. The idea, too, came for a reason. When a person wants something badly, dreams themselves are visualized, and here are the sources of knowledge.

So, looking up the Internet, Stepan Alekseevich learned a lot of interesting things.

First Yakut dome house

tundra dome2

The Sleptsovs built everything according to this dome system: a summer house, a greenhouse and a two-story winter house. In the summer, Stepan Alekseevich plans to build a bathhouse in the same way.

According to the owner, winds that are frequent in their area are not a problem for the round house. They smoothly flow around it, and the heat in it remains for a long time.

“What a panoramic view from the windows! In a word, beauty,” Stepan Alekseevich can't help expressing his joy.

The Sleptsovs generate electricity using solar panels. It turns out that they live not quite without amenities: there are cell phones, a TV, a small refrigerator, and a washing machine.

“In the spring-summer period there are practically no problems. A sunny day lasts a long time, there is a lot of sun, the most difficult months are November, December and January. At this time, the batteries charge very little, so we connect the diesel-gasoline generator,” says Stepan.

In everyday life, a solar-air collector is also used to heat water.

Snowdrifts above the head

tundra dome1

The first wintering was one of the most difficult. There was a lot of snow that year, so much that the snowdrifts were up to three meters high. Stepan Alekseevich had to dig trenches in snowdrifts one and a half meters high in order to get wood for the furnace.

“We live on the second floor, and the first is kind of technical. There we have a separator, a washroom,” the owner says.

In the summer, the Sleptsovs plant a standard set of vegetables in the greenhouse, pick up cloudberries, lingonberries, blueberries, and bred quail.

- We sell berries, quail eggs, - says Stepan Sleptsov.

- People buy quail eggs? - I ask.

- Of course. People are curious everywhere, they are happy to try new things, -

he smiles.

This year, Stepan Alekseevich fulfilled another dream: he began to breed Yakut cows. So soon they plan to sell milk, cottage cheese and cream along with berries and eggs.

“Everything is interconnected. Our future plans are related to energy. We need to solve this issue: how to get it, so that we do not have problems with electricity in the winter. Who knows, maybe my cows will help. Burning cow dung, they get methane, which can be pumped into gas cylinders. In general, you can endlessly fantasize and try, looking for a cheaper way to get the energy so needed for us,” says the owner of the tundra.

Among other problems, living in the forest, it is impossible not to meet with a real owner of the tundra.

"It happens that bears come right to the house. But I understand them, it's because we invaded their territory, and not they, so we keep our eyes open,” Stepan Alekseevich stratches his head.

Their grandchildren usually come to spend the summer. Together with nature, next to an inquisitive grandfather, kind and cordial grandmother, they have no time to be bored. Stepan Alekseevich has already bought equipment for satellite Internet, from where you can get ideas and knowledge.

In the meantime, the first to tell about the grandfather’s project will be his granddaughter, sixth grader of Aiyy Kyhata school Sayaana Kobyakova. The project of the girl under the guidance of the teacher of “Quantorium” Sardana Timofeeva and school mentor Marfa Dyakonova was recognized as the best at the Republican Science and Research Conference and recommended for participation in the World Festival of Science and Culture of the Turkic World in Turkey.