Spanish extreme cyclist from Norway Santiago Garcia visited Zyryanka, having come a long way from Yakutsk

The end point of his bike trip will be Chersky, Nizhnekolymsky district. The correspondent of the Kolymskiye Novosti newspaper conducted a short interview with Santiago and in which he told a little about the difficulties and pleasant moments of his cycle-trip, reports


In Zyryanka extreme cyclist Santiago Garcia stays at the house of a kind woman whose daughter he met in Yakutsk.  On the way, he met many people who wanted to help him, and even the language barrier did not interfere with this. “It struck me that the people here are all very nice and friendly. There are not many people living in Yakutia, and Yakutians are very kind to travelers. Drivers, passing by, stopped to ask if I needed anything, offered to drink tea or load the bike into the car and drive further. Recently, on the way, I caught a bit of a cold, and people, so that I would not sleep in a tent, invited me into their car. The fact that the Yakut people show such care is wonderful. When you travel around Europe by bike, nobody pays attention to you. No one is trying to stop and ask if help is needed,” said a guest of the republic.

On the way, the traveler sometimes spends the night in a tent, if he is lucky - in the vans of long-distance truckers, in the settlements he is invited by the hospitable locals: “I have everything I need with me. I can sleep, I can cook myself, change clothes. So, if I do not find another place to spend the night, I put up the tent. I even have a book with me, but to be honest, it’s not very convenient to read at minus 45 C in a tent.”

Santiago said that the coldest night when he had to sleep in a tent was -50. According to him, it was on that night that he slept very well.

Santiago Garcia Montes is a Spanish bicycle traveler from Norway. In Russia, the tourist is for the first time, but already plans to return someday to take over another route. Riding an “iron horse” at such low temperatures is also new to him, so the preparation was thorough. According to Santiago, he spent a week in Yakutsk. During this time, he prepared his two-wheeled friend for the upcoming trip, examined some information regarding the route: “My ultimate goal is Chersky. There I will take a plane ticket to Yakutsk, and then I need to get to Norway as soon as possible in order to start working,” says Garcia. Having no sponsors, he travels with his own money and admits that the savings are running out.

The Spanish traveler has been to many countries. Russia is the forty first.

- Why Yakutia?

- In past years, I tried to travel by bike around Northern Norway, Northern Finland, Sweden, where it is also a bit cold. This time I decided to complicate the task. It is necessary to try something more difficult, to go where it is much colder, to take long distances. For this reason, the choice fell on Yakutia.

In the future, the traveler plans to learn Russian. He admits that he enjoys learning foreign languages. Perhaps the next route of his cycle trip will run through Tiksi, and Chukotka will be the final destination.

Russian North is increasingly gaining popularity among extreme travelers. People from different countries seek to conquer the snowy and frosty Yakutia, set themselves the most difficult goals and successfully achieve them. For many locals, this kind of tourism seems insane, but the growing popularity proves that this direction has a future.