Back in 1938 American industrialist, businessman, engineer, aviation pioneer and innovator Howard Hughes was sailing in the sky of Yakutia during his trip around the world.

howard hughes
Howard Hughes was born on December 24, 1905 in Houston, Texas, he comes from the family of a successful owner of a factory for the production of drilling rigs for oil extraction.

In 1938, Hughes began preparations for the round the world flight, dedicated to New York World's Fair. For this purpose he chose a passenger aircraft and was preparing it for breaking the record during two months. On July 10, 1938 the aircraft with six crew members on board, took off from New York City. The crew headed for Paris. The next stop was Moscow, then Omsk, Yakutsk, Fairbanks (Alaska), Minneapolis, and finally, on July 14 the aircraft returned to New York. When the crew was flying over Yakutia, at about 6 pm, the plane appeared over Yakutsk and having made a few circles over the city, landed at the airport.

Later, Howard Hughes in his numerous interviews noted that the residents of Yakutia greeted him with warm hospitality.

Based on materials from online media