The Almazy Anabara company, part of the ALROSA group, announced the start of the flushing season of 2019.

The Company plans to mine over 5 million carats of diamonds, as well as 120 kg of gold and platinum in five mines: Molodo (Bulunsky ulus), Ebelyakh, Morgogor (Anabarsky ulus), Khara Mas and Talakhtakh (Olenek village).

Traditionally, the flushing season at Almazy Anabara begins in June and ends in September. In the mines during the peak season, about 2.5 thousand people work on a rotational basis. These are mainly residents of the uluses where the mines are located.

According to Pavel Marinychev, General Director of Almazy Anabara, in order for the flushing season to be successful, special attention is paid, first and foremost, to the preparatory work, which takes place during the cold season - they freeze out the ice and extract sands from under it, which are taken to stockpile. At the onset of positive temperatures, they start flushing.

n 2018-2019 mining and preparatory work was carried out with a total volume of 540 thousand m3, more than 5.5 thousand cubic meters of peat were opened, over 5 thousand cubic meters of diamondiferous sand were extracted and prepared for washing. In addition, winter roads, bridge crossings are completed for the delivery of goods. 67 thousand tons of necessary equipment, fuel and lubricants, equipment and other inventory items were delivered along them, as well as river and sea routes.