The Mirny aviation enterprise of ALROSA, the operator of the Mirny airport, has successfully completed the preparation of services and airport special equipment for work during the summer period.

A large-scale work was carried out on the seasonal preparation of special motor vehicles involved in the commercial maintenance of aircraft. Self-propelled passenger ladders have been serviced and prepared for operation. Gostekhnadzor (State Technical Authority) conducted technical inspection of tractor equipment.

Also, the specialists of the aviation enterprise prepared special equipment for the operational maintenance of the airfield, the JET BROOM cleaning equipment was transferred to the summer package.

The Mirny aviation enterprise has planned repair of power supply networks and lighting equipment to maintain operation condition of the runway and airport facilities, as well as to ensure flight safety in the spring-summer period. The total cost of repairs will be more than 32 million rubles.

“The Mirny aviation enterprise of ALROSA pays special attention to aviation security measures, this is one of the priority tasks of the airport. Summer is the optimal time for repairing the runway and aircraft parking areas. Work will be carried out during the so-called "process windows" and will not affect the work of the airport - we will receive and send aircraft without delay. It is planned to serve more than 200 thousand passengers in the summer," said the commander of the aviation enterprise, Valerian Veretennikov.


Mirny Airport is certified for receiving aircrafts of various types, which allows partner airlines to create the most convenient route network for passengers providing the best conditions for transfer.

At the moment, five airlines carry out regular passenger transportation to Mirny Airport: airlines of ALROSA, S7, Angara, Yakutia. Modern equipment supplied by leading manufacturers, is used for operational ground maintenance of aircraft. The applied technologies guarantee minimum turnaround time for aircraft, increasing the efficiency of using the fleet of partner airlines.