Such people are called the "salt of the earth" who build our future. They quietly, peacefully and modestly devote themselves to work throughout their lives. Yuri Komarov is a man of Soviet-style with the Soviet attitude to work. He can be called not only the veteran of ALROSA, but of the whole diamond mining industry. It is such people, ordinary workers, make the industry of the country.


Yuri Konstantinovich Komarov comes from Altai Krai, after serving in the army, came to Yakutia just to look at life in this part of the country and got hooked on the land that became his home. His sister and aunt on his father's side already lived here. The town of Mirny and the Mir pipe were built up and developed before his eyes, he has seen large industrial processes. He not only dedicated his own life to industry, but also passed on his path to his children.

The biography of Yuri Konstantinovich is completely devoted to work. He remembers every day and every moment of his life. Yes, it was not always easy, but he does not regret anything. Working in ALROSA, he was able to raise three children, who followed in their father’s footsteps and got a job in the diamond company.

Why precisely Yakutia? It turned out that you moved, let's say, from Siberia to Siberia.

- I just wanted to see something new. I was young, I thought I would look at Yakutia. And then I got a job, having signed a contract for three years. I thought that I would earn some money and haven't noticed how I fully got hooked on this land. I married here. My wife came to Yakutia from Buryatia as a child. Her father worked as an electrician at the Mir pipe. We have our family here, our children. I like the North: nature, fishing, hunting. Yakutia is my second homeland. I do not want to leave here. Many of my friends left, but they miss, they want to come back to Mirny and see the northern nature again, because it is very beautiful.

Tell us a little about your work history.

- I came to Mirny in January 1975. In February, I started working at the Almasdortrans car depot. I got a job as a mechanic to repair the BelAZ. I still have very happy memories of that time. The truck fleet was big. The whole Mir quarry was “scooped out” by the team of the motor depot of the Mirny Mining and Processing Plant. The team employed more than 1,000 people. 100 BelAZ trucks operated within one shift then.

I worked at transport column No 4 without a break until the perestroika. Turbulent 90s made adjustments in my life and I had to take time off. However, my motor depot did not let go and I returned to the enterprise again, but as a bus driver. I drove the miners to the International mine until 2012.

My father always taught me hard work. He said - do not be afraid of work. I was not afraid of work, although there was a lot of work, and even now I am not afraid of it at all.

My father is a war veteran. At the age of 17 he went off to war. He and his friend forged documents. Previously, the metrics were kept in the state farms, there were no passports. They faked their age and were off at the front with a friend. His friend did not return, my father returned injured, cold, but alive. He worked at the state farm. My mother comes from the Vladimir region, she graduated from the pedagogical school, worked as a primary school teacher in a rural school, and her father was head of the post office. One can say that I come from rural intelligentsia. They raised me so that you have to be an honest person, you need to be hardworking. I used to go to eight-year school, then to school in the district center (Zavyalovo village) and in two years I received a secondary school diploma and a driver's license. Then I served in the army for two years in Mongolia in a transport maintenance company, so I have been driving since 1972. I do not even remotely regret my past years.

And my work career ended at the ALROSA Personnel Training Center where I also worked as a driver. Last year I retired on July 1.

Has life in Mirny changed much over the years?

- Of course! Previously, it was difficult, especially to raise children, there were not enough kindergartens. However, construction was in full swing. Buildings and businesses grew right before our eyes. In 1986, when they began to build a youth housing complex, I drove concrete on a ZIL truck to a construction site. Two years later I received a three-room apartment. That was the joy and happiness! Before that, I had a room in a hostel without water, without amenities, only 17 square meters. Then I already had two children. We were thwacked together in one room, but we lived in peace and harmony. In those years, everyone was friendly, we helped each other with what we could. The doors were practically not locked, as there was no theft and we knew all the neighbors around. We shared both joys and sorrows.

Tell us about your children.

- I have three children, and everyone works for ALROSA. The eldest son works at the Training Center as a lead engineer, the middle daughter works at Almazavtomatika as a lead engineer, too, and the youngest daughter works as an engineer in the contract service in the purchasing department. All of them work, I don’t want to leave them anywhere. They all received higher education. They graduated from universities in Novosibirsk, but returned to the north, no one had stayed there. I am glad that they work for ALROSA. This is a stable job when you can plan your future.

You have worked for so long in the diamond industry. What rewards do you have?

- In 2011, I was awarded with an ALROSA certificate of honor with a good premium. This certificate provides an increase of 10% to the Diamond Autumn pension. This is a very significant assistance to the pensioner. I am very pleased that my work is appreciated. The ALROSA Company has always helped me. If I needed some help, I was never refused. I was helped to have shoulder surgery; my hand was injured. And free trips were given to Gelendzhik, to the Prometheus health center.

Is industry work different from other industries?

- Oh yes. In industry, there is a difference between other professions. If you look at the team, all the guys are hard-working people. I see that there is a desire to work well, not only to get a salary. Industry - it unites the team, here people work with great dedication.

What do you wish to young professionals?

- I want to wish, firstly, that they strive to work for the benefit of the company, so that they do not feel sorry for themselves, do not be lazy, put their heart into work. I wish you good health and happiness.


Konstantin Komarov, the eldest son, is a labor heir and now works as deputy head of production and business support of the Training Center

- My father has worked in industry since the 70s of the last century. Accordingly, I was familiar with ALROSA since childhood, I knew what a diamond company was. From my father I took over the corporate spirit and attitude to work. And he, in turn, absorbed them from his father. We are trying to keep family traditions from generation to generation. I will also give my son everything that my father taught me.

After university, I started as an engineer in the Botuobinsky Expedition, then transferred to the Training Center and have been working there for six years. My work is very different, say from work in a bank, because here is a serious large production. Here everyone is involved in diamond mining.


My wife, Evgenia Komarova has been working in the Company for almost five years, also at the Training Center. By the way, her father worked in the Company as a driver for ten years. We have a child growing up, he finishes first grade now. But he has not yet decided on a profession - he has a whole life ahead of him.

How can you characterize the work in the Company, do you feel support?

- We have a close-knit team with corporate spirit. The Company always helps, providing any moral or social support. I have never thought of leaving ALROSA and the North. The North acts as a magnet, tests for strength and trains force of character, will power and the ability to pursue your ambition.