Champions show the ropes to children

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On May 25-26, the Modun sports complex hosted a master class in freestyle wrestling as part of the CHEER festival, which is held with the support of ALROSA and the Russian Wrestling Federation.
The festival was attended by such eminent wrestlers as world champion and two-time European champion Magomed Kurbanaliev, three-time Russian champion, I European Games champion Alexander Bogomoev and European Nations Cup winner, I European Games champion Valeria Lazinskaya. Also they were joined by our Olympic champion (1976) Pavel Pinigin.

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From early morning the wrestling masters began to train young wrestlers, who these days gathered from different uluses and sports schools in Yakutsk. In total, more than 420 children participated in this event. In addition, any fan of freestyle wrestling had the opportunity to come up and take pictures, as well as get an autographed T-shirt from famous wrestlers.

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“At such events, children can personally watch their idols and learn a lot from the current leaders of the world wrestling. They are charged with positive things and get motivated to continue to become as strong and successful as their idols. For us, coaches, it is very important that the child has a desire to fight, and this festival helps them to find it,” noted the master of sports of the Russian Federation and the freestyle wrestling coach of the Gorny Ulus Pyotr Sivtsev.

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At the end of each workout, the children were given a chance to ask the champions any question of the issue of their interest. Most asked about how they became champions, how they trained, and what is needed in order to climb the Olympic podium. Wrestlers gladly answered all these questions and gave advice for young athletes. “The most important thing is to never stop learning. Always watch how this or that wrestler fights, how he does his tricks. Learn and visualize your fights in your head. Never miss a workout, listen to what your trainer tells you, and try to get high grades at school. After all, the most powerful wrestler is a smart wrestler," remarked the honored master of sports of Russia, world and European champion Magomed Kurbanaliev.

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Famous KVN team, last year's finalists of the Higher League of KVN from Surgut, - the Wrestlers-Northern Landing team arrived in Yakutsk as part of the festival. They finished the first day of the festival with their performance at the NEFU cultural center, the show was sold out. From the very first seconds, people just burst out laughing. Of particular interest was the part where viewers were given the chance to ask the Wrestlers a question, and they should have answered these questions with the utmost ingenuity. And they did not disappoint. With their ingenious answers, together with their smashing show, they won the hearts of those present.

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According to the program, at the end of the second day, the Modun sports complex hosted a hapsagai tournament among children in weight categories up to 50 kg and up to 70 kg. 34 young wrestlers took part in these competitions.

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The only representative of the Trans-Baikal Territory Erdem Damdinov became the winner in the lightest weight category of 17 participants. The young athlete tried himself in the hapsagai for the first time and showed such an excellent result.

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Well, closer to the end of the event, eminent guests received souvenirs and letters of thanks from the deputy minister of sport and physical culture Alexander Bugayev for contributing to the development of sport in our republic, and the athletes also in return gave t-shirts, baseball caps and badges with their autographs for memory.

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The organizers and participants of the tournament thanked the athletes for their participation in this festival, and the wrestlers liked the Yakut hospitality and they promised to return to us again and again for new impressions.

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