ALROSA has put into service a vertical type conveyor at the concentration plant No 14 of the Aikhal mining and processing division after repairs. The Pocketlift system provides a great lift height, while requiring minimal resources.

The complex is intended for transportation of crushed ore material from the site of ore preparation to the enrichment site for subsequent classification and enrichment. The ore material is lifted by the Pocketlift vertical conveyor to a height of 38 m, the length of the conveyor belt is 107.5 m.

The use of conveyor transport in comparison with an alternative scheme - hydro transport (pumping units GrAT 1800/67) - contributes to the substantial preservation of marketable products and lower operating costs. Only for electricity, the savings amount to about 20 million rubles per year.

According to Dmitry Pivovarov, Chief Engineer of Concentration Plant No 14, increasing the technical readiness ratio and the utilization rate of conveyor transport equipment is one of the priority tasks. In this regard, ALROSA held a number of technical events. So, to improve the reliability of the conveyor, a new system of fastening the cross-arms to the belt, developed by the plant’s specialists, has been applied.

The Pocketlift Vertical conveyor is included in the conveyor transport system of the concentration plant No 14 of the Aikhal mining and concentration division of ALROSA. The conveyor transport system includes two more horizontal conveyors in addition to vertical one.


For the first time at the concentration plant No 14, the conveyor transport system was commissioned in 2000 and is the only such facility in the ALROSA Company. The conveyor transport system is equipped with modern software and hardware complex and automation. With the growth in demand for diamond products and an increase in the processing of the plant, in the period from 2005 to 2006, a gradual modernization of the system was carried out, aimed at increasing the hourly productivity from 1,200 t / h to 1,800 t / h.