Within the framework of the CHEER Festival, organized by ALROSA, the Federation of Wrestling of Russia conducts master classes in four cities of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). The festival has already ended in Udachny, Aikhal and Mirny, and there are master classes ahead in Yakutsk. Some details of the festival in Udachny are reviewed on

Yakutia greeted Russian wrestlers with unusual weather for the average Russian citizen in mid-May - snow, nine degrees below zero, but the winter jackets and the warm welcome of the local kids warmed the Olympic champion Soslan Ramonov, world champions Magomed Kurbanaliyev and Khetik Tsabolov, as well as the winner of the European Games, multiple prize-winner of the world championships, Valeria Lazinskaya.

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Without even having breakfast, the Russian wrestlers went to school for an event called 101 questions for champion. Children had a unique opportunity to get answers to all their questions. For your information: only Soslan Ramonov began his career with free-style wrestling - Magomed Kurbanaliyev switched to free-style wrestling after judo was closed in his village, Khetik Tsabolov started with karate, and Valeria Lazinskaya started with swimming. The correspondent Tigran Avanyan acted as a moderator of the champions' meeting with children.

The wrestlers stayed in Udachny for two days - meetings were held in both schools of the town, and the population here is about 14 thousand people.

Of course, the guests were shown the ‘Udachny’ quarry. The kimberlite pipe, where diamonds were mined a couple of years ago in an open way, is certainly impressive. Its depth is more than 600 m. Today, mining at the deposit continues, but by the underground method.

There were six master classes in Udachny, and none of them looked like the other. The first to meet with the children were Soslan Ramonov and Khetik Tsabolov. It turned out that there were no wrestlers among the children at all, and the priority sport was football. The champions had a good warm-up with them, showed the basics of wrestling, after which ... began to play football with them. And the game “take-the-ball-away-from-the-Olympic-champion” took a lot of time and effort from the children.

Faster than others, Magomed Kurbanaliev found a common language with the guys who were older, among them were some martial arts guys, and the greeting from Magomed “Hi, gang!” immediately set up the guys to work hard. And the culmination of the master class was the wrestling match of Magomed with the best athlete of the workout: in the fight, Maga gave way for a long time - 2: 4, 4: 6, but at the end of the fight Kurbanaliyev managed to apply a couple of hacks and win - 11: 6. And the master class was completed, of course, with a fantastic lezghinka.

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Valeria Lazinskaya conducted a full-fledged training session with the guys, worked on the technique of doing the exercises. And also called on the female part of the master class to play sports.

In conclusion, 10 cups and 10 wrestling singlets were raffled off. Contests for the brightest throw, attentiveness, endurance were held by each of the champions. Everybody was recognized and marked - those who hold the bar better than others, and those who walk on their hands, do chin-ups and perform push-ups.

Udachny enjoyed the KVN team together with the champions, the 'Wrestlers - Northern Landing' team. At the end of the KVN team's performance, the champions took to the stage - and now there is no doubt that the ‘Wrestlers’ are the main favorites of the KVN Top League. And now ALROSA is bringing wrestlers and KVN wrestlers to Yakutsk.