Dynasties inspire respect. Such families are distinguished by tradition, a responsible attitude to work - these features are typical for those who from generation to generation remain loyal to the profession. Especially there are a lot of dynasties at large industrial enterprises. ALROSA values the family dynasties that work for the Company. This helps to retain highly qualified personnel and ensure a constant influx of specialists.

The Kuzishin family is a working family, which began working for the Company in 1985, and has been working for 34 years. Father Mikhail Kuzishin began the labor tradition, a driver of the ATT-1 (Autotransport Enterprise), and he still works. Besides Mikhail Vasilievich, his wife works for the Company - Svetlana Kuzishina, a laboratory technician at the Aikhal Construction and Installation Trust with 30 years work experience, son Vyacheslav Kuzishin since 2014 - a foreman at the mining process equipment repair workshop, son Stanislav Kuzishin since 2013 - a maintenance technician of the mining process equipment repair workshop, son's wife Galina Kuzishina since 2014 – a senior service person at the mining process equipment repair workshop. Today five people of one family work at the Company. Now a new generation of the Kuzishins is growing up, who can continue the tradition and turn the family into a real labor dynasty.

Life without work is freeloading


Mikhail Kuzishin arrived in Yakutia as a young man and he gave the most active working years to industry, at the same time he managed to convey the love of work to his children, who are also engaged in industry.

Please tell us how you started your working career.

- In 1985, I arrived in Yakutia from the Lugansk region of Ukraine. You understand, then it was the romance of youth - the allure of working in industry. We were young, full of power and energy. We felt involved in a great cause. For 13 years I worked as a driver in Aikhal. I supplied fuel from Lensk to Aikhal. I enjoyed being a geology driver. So, when in 1999 I left there, I got a job at the Yubileiny quarry. Here I have been working for 20 years as a BelAZ driver.

Why did you choose to work for ALROSA?

Stability is first of all. ALROSA provides this. Otherwise would I have worked here for over 30 years? The Company has very good working conditions and decent pay. After all, a person must have plans for life. And thanks to such a job, you can get something, you can secure the future prosperity of your children. I worked all the time to get my children properly educated. I think you can judge this by talking to them.

Following their father, the sons also began working at ALROSA. The younger son, after studying at the institute, went to work at the equipment repair plant. The eldest son also graduated from the institute, and, as Mikhail admits, he married there "on the mainland," but, after weighing all the pros and cons, he came back. Today he works at the plant No 14.

Since childhood, the sons of Mikhail have been modelling themselves after their father. They, so to speak, grew up in the Company. The eldest son was three years old when they moved to Aikhal, and the youngest son is an innate of Aikhal. As it was in almost all families at that time, Mikhail used to take his sons to show them around his workplace. Today, alas, you can’t do that - work requirements have changed, and safety precautions should be observed first and foremost. But before that, labor dynasties formed that way, when from early childhood sons and daughters learned the working professions by osmosis, often helping their parents. So, the sons of Mikhail Kuzishin would visit not only their father’s workplace, but also went on expeditions, watching how he worked. Slava and Stas, as children, have understood the essence of their father's work, and he, in turn, showed by his example respect for work, colleagues, and the Company. Since childhood, they realized that they should not be afraid of work and should strive to do better, because without work life would be freeloading. And Mikhail’s work experience is 45 years, he has worked all his life, and now he is going to take well-deserved rest, and the pension will be decent, Mikhail confessed.

Mikhail, what do you get from your work at the Company?

- If in terms of something material, then my family was provided with housing. First, we were given an apartment, assistance was provided with a kindergarten. And in general, everything was fine with the social component. Then we got an apartment in a comfortable building with all the amenities. I have never had any complaints about this. We have decent quality of life. It'd be unfair to complain about anything. To summarize, working at ALROSA, we received stability and well-being. Well, if I were not satisfied with my work, I would not have worked so long (laughs). I have been working here for 34 years and did not even think about another job. It is now people change jobs every few years. But when you have been working for so many years in the same company, you feel yourself a part of it, you feel the responsibility assigned to you. And regardless of the specialty and position, much can depend on you.

There was not even a thought to work not in ALROSA


The first to follow the trade of their father was Mikhail's youngest son, Stanislav Kuzishin. After graduating from the university, having mastered the profession of a hoisting-and-transport machines and construction equipment engineer, Stanislav returned to Aikhal and began working in ALROSA. The first place of work was the motor depot No. 1, he got a job as a cars repair and maintenance mechanic, and then transferred closer to his specialty - hoisting machines.

Stanislav, why ALROSA?

- We come from Aikhal, my elder brother and I grew up here, in the Company itself. It is not very promising to work for private companies, so we found a job in ALROSA. As they say, dry bread at home is better than roast meat abroad. It was during my student days, when I worked at another job on the "mainland." But the conditions here and there are very different. Here, workers are given high-quality workwear, personal protective equipment. In ALROSA, everything is much better, the attitude is different, the working conditions are different. Observing from the side you understand that it is even much better than in most enterprises of Yakutia or even other mining and processing companies. So, if there is such an opportunity, then you need to strive to get a job at ALROSA, and work hard.

As Stanislav admits, he has always been close to working in the industrial sphere, since his childhood he has watched his father work. In fact, at work there was nothing new for him. From school, he already knew where to go to study, where to go to work. And his father spoke positively about his work, showing that thanks to his job, their family could afford a lot. So, he returned not just to his hometown, but practically to his very own company. This year, Stanislav’s work experience is 5 years. His work experience is small, but this did not prevent him from becoming a mentor for new employees. And at the moment he is retraining to improve his knowledge and skills, because in the future he wants to become an expert.

It was interesting to go to taiga with my father


Following his younger brother in 2014, his older brother, Vyacheslav Kuzishin, returned, and also began working with his family in ALROSA. He lived in Aikhal until 1999, then left for his homeland, Lugansk. Having returned to Aikhal, he, like his entire family, got a job at ALROSA. Good reviews, stable work and decent wages, why not. He also used to go to work with his father from his childhood, everything was terribly interesting for him. Having been at the motor depot, he began to ask to take him along with his father, and he succeeded. “It was interesting to drive to facilities in the taiga, where my father carried fuel,” Vyacheslav shared.

At the moment, Vyacheslav Kuzishin is a foreman at the plant # 14, site # 2, engaged in the repair of mining equipment. His wife Galina Kuzishina, in the position of a senior service person at the mining process equipment repair workshop, works at the same plant. They joined the Company to work together as soon as they arrived in Aikhal.

Vyacheslav, do you have children? Will they continue the dynasty?

- I have a son; he is already 13 years old. He goes to school so far, we haven’t talked about it, so haven’t decided yet. But we ourselves stay here as long as we have jobs. We will continue to work; we like our Company, ALROSA. Here we have a full social package, annual paid leave, good pay, and, of course, prospects. Whatever the crisis in the country, we have good working conditions and wages in any case.

Labor dynasty is a phenomenon when people of the same profession transfer their skills, glorious labor traditions from one generation to another. Dynasties are different, but each of them is unique: they are people of different generations, peculiar life stories. The oldest member of the dynasty is recognized as the head of the dynasty. Labor dynasties and families contribute to a greater involvement of employees in the results of the work of the enterprise, increase motivation for further achievements and the creation of a favorable working atmosphere.

We told you the first story about good practices of the Kuzishin family, about how the tradition was passed from father to sons. For two generations, the Kuzishin family has been maintaining the traditions of ALROSA, and the third one is growing up that can also take its place in the Company, and enter its name into the list of 'golden' dynasties of the diamond company.