In April 2019, Udachny Mining and Processing Division of ALROSA completed production at the alluvial deposits of the Zakonturnaya deluvial placer of the Udachnaya pipe and Piropovy Ruchey.

Over 4 years, about 4.5 million tons of sand was produced at these fields. Most of them have already been processed at the plant No 12. About 1 million carats of diamonds extracted. According to the data of geologists, the average content in the processed sands of Zakonturnaya deluvial placer amounted to 0.276 ct / ton, and the Piropovy Ruchey placer - to 0.228 ct / ton.

Fulfilling the conditions for the use of subsoil, in May 2019, Udachny Mining and Processing Division will begin the implementation of a technical project to eliminate alluvial deposits to ensure the safety of life and health of the population. At the end of the liquidation works, the worked-out space will gradually be filled with water.


Diamondiferous placers in the basin of the Piropovy stream formed in the territories adjacent to the major primary diamond deposit - the Udachnaya pipe. This is mainly pebble material and sand and gravel. In connection with the looseness of the rock mass, the work was carried out only in the cold season after the ground freezes to the required depth - valuable raw materials were located at a depth of 5 to 10 meters. Diamond miners used drilling and blasting and mechanical loosening.