The situation with ice drift on the Lena and Vilyui rivers is calm for now. The Aldan does not cause concern in this regard, but the situation looks difficult on the Kolyma River.

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On May 18, Aisen Nikolaev made a fly-around, inspecting places of possible ice jams on the Lena River, assessed the situation and held an operational meeting on the readiness for floods, the press service of the head and government of the region reported.

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Dmitry Lepchikov, Chairman of the State Committee for Life Safety of the RS (Y) Population, reported to the head of the republic that the active phase of ice traffic on the Lena River is now in the Khangalass district and in the area of Yakutsk.

“In the central part of the republic the situation is calm. In the area of Namsky ulus, the water is almost clear. If the ice drift passes through the area of the Grafsky Bereg village, then there will be no serious problems with the passage of ice drift in central Yakutia,” said Aisen Nikolaev, commenting on the results of the overflight.

The ice drift on the Viluyi River - The lower edge of the ice drift is located near the village of Kysyl-Syr, the upper edge is observed near Vilyuisk. The water level is below critical levels.

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After reviewing the hydrological situation at the mouth of the Aldan River, the head of the republic noted that if there are no ice jams, the ice drift on the Aldan River will also pass smoothly. The ice drift is now passing through the territory of Tatta and Ust-Aldan districts, the length of the ice drift is 209 km.

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According to Aisen Nikolaev, a serious situation, as predicted, is taking shape on the Kolyma River: “If the ice drift passed by Zyryanka normally, then when it was approaching Srednekolymsk the cold arctic front with precipitations caused very cold weather, the temperature dropped to - 8 ° С, which contributes to the formation of new ice clogging.

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The water level near the village of Zyryanka of Verkhnekolymsky ulus is 681 cm, at a critical 770 cm, the river is clear without ice. The length of ice drift on the Kolyma River is 548 km.”

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“The situation on the Kolyma River is monitored in hourly mode. We hope that the ice drift will still pass without serious consequences,” said the head of the region.

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