The Japan Credit Bureau (JCB), one of the leading international payment systems, regards Yakutia and the Far East as the region of the highest interest in developing its business. This was announced at a meeting with the leadership of Almazergienbank by Takashi Suetsugu, JCB International Eurasia General Director.

"JCB is well aware that increasing the intensity of the tourist flow from the entities of the Far East, increasing the number of operations on our cards are important tasks. Our development strategy here is determined by elementary statistics, which says that about 10 percent of the population of the Russian Federation lives in the Far Eastern regions, but at the same time, 40 percent of all visas issued to Russians to visit Japan accrue to the Far Eastern residents, including Yakutia residents. This is a great potential for the development of our business,” said Takashi Suetsugu.

He noted that in the course of communication with the leadership of Almazergienbank, new areas of cooperation became clear. “We were once again convinced that there are excellent prospects for the further promotion of JCB cards in the republic. Banks often adopt retail strategies in which the Japan Credit Bureau is difficult to integrate, but in the case of AEB we are moving in the same direction. The results of the joint work should have a positive impact on cardholders,” he noted.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of AEB Anatoly Tabunanov said: "For us it is important that one of the world's largest payment systems pays such attention to the region. It helps the development of business and bilateral relations." According to him, the parties will develop and adopt a joint plan for the further promotion of JCB cards and increasing the customer focus of the product.

Almazergienbank is the official partner of JCB (since 2015). In February 2016, the bank signed a license agreement on joining the system, from May 2017 began to service cards, and in June - to issue them.

The JCB payment system is one of the leading international payment systems, founded in Japan in 1961. In 1981, JCB was the first payment system in Asia, which entered the international market. JCB cards are currently available in 24 countries - Japan, Russia, China, Hong Kong, USA, Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Bahrain, Pakistan, Germany, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, Lebanon and Mongolia.

In Russia, JCB cards have been issued since 2015. Currently, JCB cards are issued by several financial organizations in the Russian Federation, including Gazprombank, Almazergienbank, and Rosselkhozbank.