The second half of May is going to be hot. Firstly, because of the coming summer, secondly, these days the CHEER Festival is going to be organized by ALROSA with the participation of Olympic champions! May 16, the festival starts in Udachny and ends on May 26 in Yakutsk. Freestyle wrestling is the number one sport in Yakutia. For wrestlers this will be one of the most anticipated sporting events of this spring.


"The Federation of Sport Wrestling of Russia will be represented by Olympic and world champion, two-time Russian champion, Honored Master of Sports Soslan Ramonov; World champion, two-time Russian champion Khetik Tsabolov; World champion, two-time European champion, Russian champion Honored Master of Sports Magomed Kurbanaliev; winner of the I European Games, repeated bronze medalist of the world championships, champion of Russia Valeria Lozinskaya; winner of the 1st European Games, World Cup winner, three-time Russian champion Aleksandr Bogomoev and other eminent wrestlers," shared in the Federation of Wrestling of Russia.

In Yakutsk, the Manchaary Republican Center for National Sports will host master classes and workouts with athletes on May 25 and 26. The CHEER Festival is held within the framework of the social policy of ALROSA completely free of charge, admission to all events is free.

By tradition, in addition to master classes and workouts, guests will meet with schoolchildren to talk about sports, sign autographs and answer questions from children.

The CHEER Festival is the promotion of sports


“Within the framework of the athletes' visit, meetings, answers to questions, open lessons in schools, master classes, and sparring are scheduled. Guests will communicate with young athletes, and with those who have nothing to do with wrestling, but who just get acquainted with this sport. We are thus trying to popularize wrestling, so that children come to sports clubs. Plus, we work with active sportsmen. Last year, we invited champions and prize-winners of the World Championships and Olympic Games Davit Chakvetadze, Valeria Koblova and Sergey Semenov. This time the distinguished athletes will meet with young and not only young wrestlers from Yakutsk. We know that wrestling is extremely popular in the capital of the republic. And since the event is open to everyone, we welcome all to enjoy this event,” said Oleg Deyev, Chief Specialist of PR & Marketing Department of ALROSA.

According to the plan, the athletes will visit Udachny on May 16–17, Aikhal on May 18–19, Mirny on May 21–22, and Yakutsk on May 25–26. Everyone who wishes can receive a master class from them personally and see they wrestle at friendly meetings. As part of the master classes, the wrestlers will hold a competition for the best throw, there young athletes will try to show their technical arsenal of wrestling at its best, after which, perhaps, a friendly tournament will be held. As judges, eminent athletes are always in solidarity with each other: “It is very difficult to judge. You seem to know the rules, you are a wrestler yourself, and to find out who took the action and indicate the necessary number of points is not as easy as it sometimes seems.”

Athletes are joking


Last year, in addition to famous athletes, ALROSA invited the KVN* team of the Higher League, Wrestlers (formerly known as CIS Freestyle Wrestling Team), who entertained Udachny, Aikhal and Mirny with high-quality humor (*KVN - Club of the Funny and Inventive – translator’s note). This was another specialty - a concert evening with the Wrestlers KVN team from Surgut. Today, this team is one of the favorites of the Higher League of the KVN International Union and the owners of the Big KiViN in Gold in 2018 of the annual music festival of the KVN teams, Singing KiViN. And this time, on May 25, the KVN team will perform in the capital at the NEFU Cultural Center for free. Mind that the performance of humorists in Yakutsk is quite a rare event.

Do not miss the master classes with the Russian wrestling stars. In Aikhal and Udachny master classes will be held by Soslan Ramonov, Hetik Tsabolov, Magomed Kurbanaliev, Valeria Lozinskaya; in Mirny and Yakutsk - Magomed Kurbanaliev, Valeria Lozinskaya, Aleksandr Bogomoev and others.