Japanese companies will take part in the modernization of the international airport of Yakutsk. It is planned to install equipment that will prevent the icing of aircraft, reports

The bottom line is to apply advanced Japanese technology in harsh climatic conditions, in which the temperature drops below 50 degrees in the winter. In all likelihood, this project of Russian-Japanese economic cooperation in the Far East will attract much attention.

In December last year, the Hokkaido Corporation, which actively participates in Russian projects that mainly affect Vladivostok, signed a memorandum of intent with the Yakut airline regarding the modernization of an international terminal. The goal of the project is to upgrade equipment that has been used since Soviet times.

“We discussed cooperation with various countries, but no one can compete with Japan in the field of technology. This is the best partner,” emphasizes the first deputy general director Konstantin Sergeyev. Currently, Yakutsk is connected by regular flights with countries such as China, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam, but Japan is not on this list. “In the future, a flight to Japan may appear,” suggests Sergeyev.

Construction will begin in the fall of 2020. The terminal is scheduled to open in 2021. The budget will be 22 million dollars. The introduction of a telescopic ladder system and equipment for customs inspection of baggage is also discussed. Hokkaido Corporation will hold talks with Japanese manufacturers to provide the latest technology.