Creativity, emotions, triumph, drive - this will be the memory of the 19th Youth Festival 'Mirny Sings of Peace.' For seven days, Mirny became the center where young brilliant talents concentrated, and on May 1 the festival participants performed a separate show in a city concert.

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All participants of the festival are now united by an invisible, but tangible thread of creative breakthrough. Thanks to the festival, over 500 young people have manifested themselves in various fields: music, choreography, photography, journalism, poetry, theater, fashion, DJing, illusion, humor, etc. The events were different: a 'Singing Square' flash mob, a gala preview of the festival with a fire show, 4 exhibitions, 7 concerts, 22 master classes. This opportunity was given to young people by the founders and organizers of the festival: ALROSA (the Company allocated 2 million rubles), the administrations of the Mirny district and the city of Mirny, the Profalmaz Trade Union.

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“This year, besides everything, with the financial support of ALROSA, we brought the In short International Short Film Festival and one of the most long-awaited guests – the Predatorz Crew, multiple World Breakdance Champions (Abdurakhman Sotavov, Sultanbek Nyrov), and multiple World Acrobatic Rock and Roll Champions Olga Sbitneva and Ivan Yudin. Honored guests joined the festival jury in the direction of Dance Art, held several master classes and performed at festival concerts. These were one of the major innovations of this festival. We hope that the youth have been charged with their energy and soon we will see the fruits of this work,” said the festival organizer Elena Brui.

Sounds of khomus to the beat of electronic music

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On the fifth day of the festival, the Almaz Palace of Culture was filled with light and sounds of electronic music by composer Jorge Godas from Spain. “If it were not for my good friend Carlos Folgoso, this project would hardly have been realized. And I want to thank my friends, relatives and friends, as well as all of you, for your support and energy, thanks to which the two cultures merged,” said the composer.

He prepared 24 tracks of electronic music, accompanied by a video series dedicated to the city of Mirny. The audience plunged into the magical atmosphere of the cosmic northern sounds inspired by the history of the diamond capital, the life of the indigenous people in the harsh conditions of the diamond region. This mood was felt in every note, in every artfully selected photograph and video. He has created a unique product. The local performers have added the authentic color. The sounds of the accordion, khomus, dynamic dances - all this organically fit into the overall picture of the performance.

Magic as a genre

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On the day of the concert, the Almaz Palace of Culture hosted an exhibition of arts and crafts Magic genre. All details of the presented works were thought out to the smallest detail and skillfully executed.

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“Each participant has his own unique manner. Each work is hours and days of hard work, the artistic vision of the author and a special state of mind ... We are glad that our favorite festival gathers so many young talented people. It gives us the opportunity to look at others and show our skills," stressed the chairman of the jury of this direction Lev Kolesov.

The holiday for everybody…

The festival geography went the extra mile: a group of dancers, volunteers, singers and other participants of Mirny Sings for Peace, performed in the Svetly and Chernyshevsky villages.

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“The residents of Chernyshevsky were the first to enjoy the show of the X-MOTION dance group. The audience was delighted with their performance. Also, young Sergei Zamotaev pleased with the song A piece of ice, familiar to the older generation. The boy's voice is exceptional! Our guests from Novosibirsk became the cherry on the cake - the Mojo musical cover group.

Then our team continued its journey to the village of Svetly. The audience applauded the participants, our volunteers distributed to each viewer badges and bracelets with the ‘Mirny Sings of Peace’ logo in memory of the festival. The fascinating voice of the soloist of the group Alsou Shaidullina did not leave anyone indifferent,” they told us at the press center of the festival.

The guys had a wonderful time, they shared rampant energy with everybody at the concert.

What does it mean to be young in the modern world?

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The impactful end of the festival was a gala concert. The storyline of the concert was connected with videos of representatives of local youth who answered the question “What does it mean to be young in the modern world?”. Each performance was a collaboration of several directions. For the first time on the stage were shown all the directions of the festival, in addition to music and dance:

“The festival has changed the traditional idea of performances and their perception. Everyone can read rap. And who can venture on doing it in parallel with the soap bubbles show of the ‘Magic genre’? It was possible at the festival. Conversation about your future with yourself? Technology development does not stand still and allows us to do it, and allows the viewer to hear and enjoy. If the poems are read to the music, then the thoughts of the young journalist about the current generation are voiced by an eccentric dance - Vogue. We experimented, played around. We have shown that the impossible is possible,” the participant of the gala concert Alyona Budkova shared her opinion.

Best and brightest

According to the results of the festival, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Social Communications of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) awarded George Takmelov, winner of the festival in the Musical Art direction with a certificate to participate in the 'Tavrida' Young Leaders Forum. The Predatorz Crew invited ‘The beat of streets’ breakdancing team to participate in the Summer Break Week (Moscow).

The festival is over, but promised to return

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The 'Mirny Sings of Peace' has been held in Mirny since 1980. Being a part of the history of creating the next festival is a great honor and responsibility. Many participants in past years share of the event. After all, this event is not just a youth festival. This is the history of the town of Mirny, the Mirny district. It's the highest point of the modern creativity development vector of Yakutia's youth. Each of the participants made every effort to organize a landmark youth event, and therefore the event will be remembered by a large number of new creative discoveries, bold decisions and an even higher level of implementation. The 19th Festival is over, but promised to return next year with a new mix of youth collaboration.

The Festival Organizing Committee expresses a special gratitude for organizing the festival to its founders and, in fact, the chief partners: ALROSA, the administration of the Mirny District, the administration of the city of Mirny, and the Profalmaz Trade Union of ALROSA employees. And also to those who provided sponsorship support: to individual entrepreneurs Anastasia Panova, Diana Dokuchaeva, Aleksandr Sigaenko, Maria Trushevskaya, Vladimir Shipulin, Galina Kuchinsky, Viktor Nize, Tatiana Ovchinnikova, the Stroitel’ Society, the Mirny Polytechnic Institute (NEFU branch).

Photo: Grigory Iftody and Dmitry Nesterenko