According to the head of the Ministry of Health, they plan to begin clinical trials in 10-12 days

“The Russian company developed a drug that was tested by our colleagues in a number of countries, it is already a fully Russian analogue, and produced the first batch for clinical trials. We expect that today the company should introduce a package of documents. <...> In a short time, preclinical studies will be evaluated, and we plan that, no later than 10-12 days, this drug will enter the clinic for clinical trials," the minister said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sanitary-epidemiological situation in the country.

The minister also thanked the government for quickly responding to the situation with a shortage of personal protective equipment and medicines in the country, as well as reducing the time for registering medical devices. “Therefore, in fact, those test systems registered today, they are registered in an unprecedentedly short time, passed quality control. And that test system for monitoring the level of immunoglobulins, it was actually registered for two and a half days, and a registration certificate was issued before the case of treatment,” Murashko added.

In Russia, according to the federal emergency operations center for the fight against coronavirus, 18 328 cases of infection were registered, 1470 people recovered, 148 died.