The situation is getting worse, there are more cases, the head of Yakutia said at a morning briefing.

► As it turned out, one of the largest medical centers for traumatology in St. Petersburg was infected and today there are about a thousand people suspected of coronavirus, several hundred tests have already confirmed positive. In March, about 10 residents of Yakutia were treated there, including a couple from the Gorny ulus. Today we can officially say that the couple is sick with coronavirus. Another woman, a resident of Vilyui ulus, also has a positive result.

► The rest of the inhabitants of Yakutia, treated at the center, are identified, all tests are taken. Medical tests will be processed during this week, because people are scattered throughout the republic. All are in isolation.

► Aldan. Yesterday, two new positive cases: the husband of a woman who came to Aldan from Kislovodsk through Moscow, and the owner of the market in Aldan. They are all hospitalized.

► Lensk. A new site of infection arose in one of the shift camps of Gazprom. Three cases have been confirmed, among them there are local residents, three more with suspected coronavirus. Gazprom’s plane flew in yesterday from Noyabrsk, and tests were taken from those in contact with infected people. Some patients will be transported to Noyabrsk by Gazprom aircraft. There is ban travel in and out of the town.

► There is a case of a woman from Yakutsk that has not been confirmed. Until the end of the day or tomorrow, there will be accurate information on it.

Thus, a total of 32 cases of coronavirus infection are registered in Yakutia, 13 of them recovered, 19 are being treated, another four are pre-positive.