This was announced during the morning briefing on April 13 by the head of Yakutia

“The situation is quite tense. We can officially confirm that the tests of the patient’s wife in Lensky district are also positive. Thus, there are 10 patients in Yakutia, five of them in Aldan, three in Yakutsk and two in Lensk. Some patients have complications, but they are not critical,” Aisen Nikolaev said.

There are also two preliminary positive results - one from a resident of the village of Berdigestyakh, Gorny ulus, and one from a resident of Yakutsk.

“A married couple from Gorny ulus was undergoing treatment in St. Petersburg, they arrived last week, were in isolation. By the end of the day Rospotrebnadzor must confirm the spouse’s tests for coronavirus infection. In Yakutsk, it is also very likely that the infection will be confirmed, this is a man whose relatives returned from Moscow last week,” the head of Yakutia said.

According to him, the most important thing is the observance of self-isolation by all.

Now, according to Nikolaev, we are going all out on Aldan, today an additional group of the Russian Guard is sent there to monitor compliance with the quarantine regime by locals. A quarantine regime is also introduced in the village of Leninsky.

In total, 23 cases of coronavirus were recorded in Yakutia, of which 13 people recovered completely.