The epidemiological situation in Yakutia over the past day has become seriously complicated, Aisen Nikolaev said at a morning briefing.

Over the past day, three new cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in Aldan. Of these, two from the contact circle of the first cases. A local resident was also hospitalized, she returned from Kislovodsk on April 4 through Moscow. Yesterday, her medical analysis tested positive for COVID-19.

A total of 5 patients with coronavirus were registered in Aldan, all of them are in the infectious diseases department of the hospital. The circle of their contacts is established and involved in the test delivery mode. From today, the town has introduced sanitary admittance regime. Entry and exit from Aldan is forbidden to everyone, except for special services and life-supporting organizations.

Meanwhile, tomorrow Mirny is expecting the results of tests of one guest who arrived from Moscow.

Aisen Nikolaev urges residents of the republic to comply with self-isolation. He stressed that violation of this regime has already led to at least two infections.

On the morning of April 12, 22 cases of coronavirus were recorded in Yakutia, of which 13 recovered, 9 receive inpatient treatment.