The Ombudsman was introduced to Central Office of the Government by Gavril Kirillin, Minister for External Relations and Peoples Affairs of the Republic, the press service of the head and government of the republic reports.

In his speech, Gavril Kirillin noted that Lena Ivanova is a well-known person in the republic who has extensive experience in defending the interests and rights of the indigenous peoples of the North. The Minister stressed that she is one of the authors of the fundamental laws and regulatory documents in this area wishing Lena Stepanovna further success in her work.

In response, Lena Ivanova expressed her gratitude for the confidence in the leadership of the republic, the public of the indigenous peoples of the North, members of nomadic tribal communities, public formations, republican associations.

“We will continue the efficient and positive work of the first Commissioner Konstantin Vasilievich Robbek. His insights, analytical materials, which were published in annual reports, will form the basis of our follow-up. Competent experts work at the office of the Commissioner for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the North, and we will get down to business without delay. Literally now there is talk of making major changes to federal legislation. We need to protect the legitimate rights and interests of representatives of the indigenous peoples of the North,” said Lena Ivanova.

The new Commissioner for indigenous peoples’ rights of Yakutia reported that she, jointly with the government and Il Tumen, would be defending the territories of traditional nature management of the RS (Y) not to transfer them to the federal level. Secondly, she will work on the draft federal law on ethnological expertise, so that the damage inflicted is taken into account during industrial development.