As of April 6, 2020, ALROSA's expenditures on measures to restrain the spread of coronavirus infection in Yakutia are estimated at 147 million rubles.Such an amount is provided for the necessary medicines and medical equipment, the supply of which to the Mirny and Lensky districts began in early March.

In particular, mini-laboratories of rapid diagnostics for the detection of coronavirus, as well as sets of appropriate reagents and tests totaling more than 62 million rubles are currently being purchased.

In the near future, funds in the amount of 24.7 million rubles will be sent to the district and city hospitals of Mirny, Lensk and Aikhal as charitable assistance for the purchase of antibacterial and antiviral drugs, solutions for inhalation, hormones, infusion solutions, medical devices, etc. Another 21 million rubles will be allocated for the purchase of high-flow oxygenation equipment (ventilators) for hospitals complete with oxygen concentrators and bedside monitors; the supplier is currently being selected.

ALROSA Medical Center also purchases equipment and medicines to ensure the safe work of people and the timely detection of signs of the disease. In particular, despite the big problems with the provision of protective masks (due, inter alia, to the appearance of speculators who unfairly use the situation), more than 300 thousand masks have already been purchased. Most of them have already been sent to Mirny, from where they will be distributed across production sites. Procurement work is ongoing, new deliveries are expected.

In addition, CEO of the company, Sergey Ivanov, is sending another 18.5 million rubles from personal funds received from the sale of part of ALROSA's shares to help the Diamond Province.

The work of the Company's employees is organized taking into account the preservation of maximum safety in the existing sanitary and epidemiological conditions. Those employees who are not required to be in the office, are transferred to the remote mode. The enterprises constantly monitor the body temperature and manifestations of respiratory diseases, people with signs of illness are not allowed to work. Enhanced disinfection of premises and vehicles is carried out.