Sales of biologically active dietary supplements (BADS) in pharmacies grew by 30 percent, such a surge has been observed for the first time in the past few years.This is evidenced by the data of the DSM Group company in February, which Izvestia has reviewed.

Experts believe this indicator is the desire of the population to improve health and allay anxiety due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a rule, the most popular dietary supplements are vitamin-mineral complexes, such as Solgar, Doppelherz and Vitrum.

At the same time, experts explain the increase in sales by the desire of consumers to procure for the future for the period of self-isolation due to coronavirus, as well as due to the projected price increase against the backdrop of the weakening ruble.

In addition to bioadditives and other pharmacy products, against the backdrop of the pandemic, sales of some products increased, in particular garlic, lemon, ginger and others.

Experts believe that, on the one hand, until the end of the outbreak of coronavirus, the demand for vitamins will only increase, however, on the other hand, a large supply of purchased drugs and the need to stay at home do not motivate new purchases.