The El Pais Spanish newspaper has compiled a list of the most extreme cities in the world. The publication notes that the cities on this list are challenged by the coldest or most suffocating hot temperatures or are located at such heights where it is difficult to breathe.


In its rating, the newspaper simultaneously puts the Russian city of Yakutsk and the village of Oymyakon in the first place. According to the authors, Yakutsk stands out for its extremely extreme climate, because the air temperature in winter drops to minus 40 degrees Celsius, and in summer it can reach 29 degrees, which is why the city rarely attracts tourists and creates serious difficulties for local residents. The publication notes that Yakutsk is a regional center, and at the same time it is an important cultural, scientific and economic center of Siberia.

Along with Yakutsk, the edition recognizes the village of Oymyakon as the most extreme place on the planet that is also located in Yakutia. It is distinguished by the lowest temperature recorded on the inhabited part of the Earth, in particular, in 1926 the air temperature there fell to minus 71.2 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the newspaper notes that there are very many elderly Russian citizens living there.

The rating of El Pais has another Yakut town, Verkhoyansk. According to the authors, this city is one of the most extreme due to the record temperature drops. The lowest recorded temperature there is minus 69.8 degrees Celsius, and the highest is 37 degrees Celsius, and the difference is 106.8 degrees, which is why the city even got into the Guinness Book of Records. At the same time, the publication notes a rather large population for such places - 1.3 thousand people.

The publication recognized San Luis Rio Colorado in Mexico the hottest city in the world, where the maximum temperature reached 59.5 degrees Celsius. El Pais considers the mining town of La Rinconada in Peru, located at an altitude of 5,099 meters above sea level, to be the most inaccessible city on Earth. The city is located in the permafrost zone, however, more than 30 thousand people live there.

The ranking also includes the cities of Jericho and Tabgha in Israel - as the lowest cities in the world (more than 200 meters below sea level). The most remote in the world is called the city-island of Adak in the group of the Aleutian Islands. According to the newspaper, Hammerfest in northern Norway and Longyer in the Norwegian Spitsbergen archipelago, as well as the small town of Barrow in northern Alaska (USA), claim the title of the northernmost settlement.

The Argentinean city of Ushuaia and the Chilean Puerto Williams compete for the title of the most southern settlements of the world.