ALROSA will allocate 833 million rubles over 5 years to implement this program. The corresponding order was signed by the Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Vladimir Solodov. The program is implemented with the participation of municipalities of the Vilyuisk, Verkhnevilyuisk, Mirny, Suntar, Nyurba, Zhigansk districts and the ALROSA Company.


The strategic goal of the Program is to provide the population of the Vilyui ulus group with high-quality drinking water. It should be noted that the Company annually pays dividends to uluses, its -shareholders, including those in the Vilyuysk group of uluses, and the amount of dividends in 2018 for each ulus was 823 million rubles (for example, compared to 2011, the dividend size has increased 45 times). As we reported earlier, dividend payments are now made twice a year, which significantly helps in the formation of the budget not only for these districts, but also for the republic as a whole.

By 2024, 21 water intake stations and 30 water treatment facilities will be built and reconstructed in the Vilyui group of districts

Within the framework of the program, the population of the Vilyui group of uluses, the village of Syuldyukar of the Mirny district and the village of Zhigansk of the Zhigansk district affected by the pollution of the Irelyakh, Malaya Botobuya and Viluy rivers will be provided with high-quality water supply. In total, 29 settlements are included in the program.

During the development of the program, various water supply options were considered and alternative sources of water supply were identified - wells, lakes and rivers. Also, the formation of the activities of the program was carried out with the direct participation of representatives of local governments with the design of the relevant protocols and passports for each locality," says Minister of Housing and Communal Services and Energy RS (Y) Dmitry Sadovnikov.


By 2024, it is planned to reconstruct and build 21 water intake stations and 30 water treatment plants, as well as lay 104 km of water supply networks in populated areas. At the initial stage of the program, it is planned to develop design estimates for the construction of large water treatment plants and water supply networks in administrative centers, to purchase 9 modular water treatment plants and 16 units of water-transport equipment.

Financing of the Program is provided for by the funds of the non-profit organization Trust Fund for Future Generations of the RS (Y), which are formed from the annual allocations of ALROSA in the amount of 150 million rubles for the development of water supply systems. As for the control over the use of funds, it should be noted that ALROSA provides financial support to Yakutia through the Trust Fund of Future Generations on the basis of the 2011 Agreement on Social and Economic Development. In total, 833 million rubles will be allocated for the implementation of this program from ALROSA funds. As an additional resource support, funds from municipal budgets, the state budget of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and extrabudgetary sources are assumed. The estimated funding requirement for the Program in 2019-2024 from all sources is 1 937.98 million rubles.

“A socially important result of the implementation of this program should be the work in the settlements of the Vilyui group of uluses for water supply: water intakes, alternative water sources such as wells for groundwater, lakes and nearby rivers, construction of centralized water supply networks, waterborne equipment. Today in cities it is already difficult to imagine life without purified water, it is an integral part of life. Therefore, it is possible that there will be a related business: individual entrepreneurs who will be engaged in water purification, and this is also new jobs. ALROSA has always co-financed such activities,” commented on the Deputy Director General of ALROSA Aleksey Dyachkovsky.


In 2019, about 240 million rubles were allocated to the implementation of the program “Development of Water Supply Systems for the Vilyui Group of Ulus for 2019-2024,” aimed at developing scientifically based forecasts and recommendations, medical examination of the population, as well as a set of measures to ensure environmental safety in the area of the diamond industry. The research program will make it possible to study the quality of agricultural products, assess the ecological condition of the regions, the health of the population, provide it with clean drinking water and protect the ecosystem of the Vilyui and Markha rivers from anthropogenic impact. Recall that in accordance with the Decree of the Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) "On the environmental well-being of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)" to ensure quality drinking water to the population in the Vilyui group of ulus, work continues on the project.

The population of Nyurba will also be provided with clean drinking water


“Currently, the Government of the RS (Y) has agreed on a “Program for the development of water supply systems for the Vilyui group of uluess for 2019-2024.” The program was developed by the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities and Energy of the RS (Y) with the participation of the municipal formations of the Vilyui, Verkhnevilyuisky, Mirny, Suntar, Nyurba, Zhigansky districts and ALROSA. The goal of which is to provide the population of the Vilyui group with high-quality drinking water that meets the safety and harmlessness requirements established in technical regulations and sanitary and epidemiological rules by creating and upgrading water supply facilities and waterborne equipment (intake, cleaning and supply of water to the final consumer). The financing of the Program is projected to channel significant financial resources within six years," said the head of the Nyurba district Aleksey Innokentiev.



According to the head of the Nyurba district, Aleksey Innokentiev, during the implementation of the program, it is planned: construction of a new water treatment plant in the Energetik residential area from the existing well with a capacity of 400 m3 / day; construction of a new water treatment plant with a capacity of 1200 m3 / day for the central part of the town in the building of the Nizhnyaya boiler house, currently in conservation; modernization of the Amakinka water treatment plant with a capacity of 800 m3 / day to provide the Amakinka residential area and the village of Antonovka; construction of a borehole water intake in the village of Kyundyadya. It is also planned to purchase 3 units of water equipment. According to Aleksey Innokentiev, the existing well in the Ynakhsyt village can supply the villages of Maar, Edey and Akana with drinking water. In turn, the well of Markha village can provide the village of Kirov with purified drinking water, and the well of the village of Kyundyadya will provide the village of Aranastakh. The water treatment plant of the town of Nyurba will provide purified drinking water to the villages of Antonovka, Syulya, Dikimdya, and Nyurbachan.